Orientation | Class of 2021 and Transfer Students

We are delighted that you have chosen to join the Colby community. The transition to college life is strengthened by your participation in the orientation program.

Orientation is designed to introduce you to life at Colby and takes place over eight days. It offers a wide range of opportunities for exploration, engagement, and connection to the academic, intellectual, and social life at Colby and surrounding communities. Throughout orientation, you will be invited to embrace the Colby Affirmation. Over the past few years, students have developed the Colby Affirmation to identify and affirm the core values of the student community.

The Colby Affirmation

Colby College is a community dedicated to learning and committed to the growth and well-being of all its members.

As a community devoted to intellectual growth, we value academic integrity. We agree to take ownership of our academic work, to submit only work that is our own, to fully acknowledge the research and ideas of others in our work, and to abide by the instructions and regulations governing academic work established by the faculty.

As a community built on respect for ourselves, each other, and our physical environment, we recognize the diversity of people who have gathered here and that genuine inclusivity requires active, honest, and compassionate engagement with one another and surrounding communities. We agree to respect each other, to honor community expectations, and to comply with College policies.

As a member of this community, I pledge to hold myself and others accountable to these values wherever I may find myself.

Orientation Guidebook