group photo under a lighthouseCOOT (Colby Outdoor Orientation Trips) is an outdoor-based orientation program required of all first-year Colby students. Trips are designed to be fun and engaging while preparing students for their transition to living and learning on campus.

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COOT provides students with opportunities to develop meaningful social connections while being challenged at an appropriate level through a wide range of experiences throughout the beautiful state of Maine. COOT leaders provide an ongoing mentoring presence on campus throughout the academic year.

The COOT program, which takes place Sept 1-3, 2017 offers students classic outdoor experiences such as rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, civic engagement, yoga, local exploration, and whitewater rafting. Iced COOT takes place Jan 13-14, 2018, and is designed for our Global Entry Semester students with a focus on exploring the state’s winter activities.

Trips range from mild to strenuous in exertion level and provide students with an exciting array of activities from which to choose. It is our goal to provide everyone—from beginners to those experienced in the outdoors—with a trip well-suited to their interests and ability level.

Since 1975 the COOT program has helped more than 12,000 first-year students navigate the woods and waters of Maine and the corridors and classrooms of Colby College. The program is managed by administrative staff with significant collaboration and assistance from student leaders. Our leaders undergo a competitive selection process and must successfully complete all training requirements to be considered a COOT leader.

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