Location: Township 6 North of Weld

Date: 10/13/14

Trip Difficulty: 2

Trip Length: Day trip


Gregory and Drew led an amazing trip to Tumbledown on the Monday of Fall Break. The sun was shining, the temperature was in the low 60s, and everyone had an amazing time! Some parts of the trail were rather rocky.




Others involved waterfalls.



It took less than two hours (with many breaks and 13 people) to get up to the incredibly beautiful pond just below the summit.


From there, it took only about twenty minutes to get up to the open summit ridge, which had amazing views.


There, we ate lunch, hung out, took selfies,


… and took several other pictures that perhaps shouldn’t be posted in a public forum such as this one.


We also met several other Colby-related hikers – other Colby students, and a few Colby grads, one class of ’88 and another, Matt Silverman ’12, who just so happened to be a former Treasurer of the COC. Good times were had by all.


We made good time going down, and got back to Colby just after 6.