Want to go outside with the COC this weekend? Check out our upcoming trips below.

To sign up, go to our calendar tomorrow at 8pm. All Colby students are welcome to sign up, you can become a member after getting on the trip.
Crocker and South Crocker with Carolyn and Carina on Sunday
Awesome 6.2 mile/10km hike on the AT right next-door to Sugarloaf. Leave Saturday at 8:30 am, back by dinner. Promises of fine views and wet leaves. Sign up tomorrow at 8pm.
Saddleback with John B and Cat on Sunday
Fricken sweet hike up Saddleback Mountain, just south of Sugarloaf. On the AT. Awesome views. Many foliage. 11 miles/17km. A fairly rough ascent, but absolutely worth it. Leave Sunday at 8:30, back by 6pm. Sign up tomorrow at 8pm.
COOTober with John T, Ari, Ryan, Jake, Sara and Maddy
First years: wasn’t life so much easier when all you had to worry about was figuring out Big Blue Moon and rationing that tiny bottle of hot sauce? Relive the glory days with COOTober: three trips open only to first years, all Sunday, all-star leaders, lots of summer sausage. Jake and Ryan are going to be fly fishing, John and Sara will be going on a short day hike, and Ari and Maddy will be hanging out on the beach all day.
More info in an official notice from Ratchet Linehan tomorrow, Sign up tomorrow at 8pm. First years only, sorry.
One last thing–learn how to build an alcohol stove with John B on Wednesday at office hours at 7pm in the COC office!
Finally, have you seen this segment??? You need to watch it right now!