If you happened to have missed the meeting earlier tonight, it ain’t no thang! Here are the minutes:

Trip Reports: Where We’ve Been

Carina, Kat, and Carolyn summited South and North Crocker, near Sugarloaf! They particularly enjoyed the sun’s presence.

Slotemps and John T tackled Mt. Blue with some frosh, representing one installment of COOTober! There was lots of nudity and even…a BAPTISM…! (let that marinate in your brain for a lil while).

Ryan and crew went fly-fishing! A few fish were caught, and a great time was had on the second trip of COOTober!

Seth biked 30 miles of the carriage trails in Acadia with some friends from home, which sounded nice.

Cat, John, Buck, et al hiked Burnt Moutain and it was icy apparently, with an early onset of winter?!

Molly, Kat, and John slept on Runnals and saw an awesome sunrise Saturday morning!

Gregory, Cassandra, Parwana and team went to Cutler Coast for the sunrise, but instead enjoyed the sky slowly get brighter. There was some nudity, so congratulations to them!

Drew got his SCUBA cert in Belgrade this weekend, and yes there are still fish in Belgrade! Enjoy it before the acidification sets in!! #climatechange

Spencer mastered his first roll in whitewater kayak on Thursday!

Grace went home and had a wholesome weekend with her cows.

Upcoming Trips: Where We’re going

Lidia and Teddy will hike this weekend! Details TBD.

The Quarry Road Painball Biathlon is Saturday 9 am – 12 pm! Sign up here: https://www.skireg.com/cmsc-5k-trail-run-and-paintball-run-biathlon ! Contact cwallack@colby.edu for more information.

Seth will be stacking wood in the sugarbush at 4 pm on Thursdsay!

Spencer will be skiing this weekend…………..contact smmartin@colby.edu if you want to get aggressive.

Employer Week: $$ for being outside with kiddos

Overland (http://www.overlandsummers.com/our-leaders/lead-for-overland/) – Sunday the 2nd for presentation at COC meeting, and Monday the 3rd for a formal presentation and informal interviews!

Wilderness Ventures (http://www.wildernessventures.com/employment-opportunities/) – Monday the 3rd for interviews, Tuesday the 4th for presentation!

Apogee (http://www.apogeeadventures.com/about-us/our-leaders/lead-for-apogee/) – Tuesday the 11th.

*all awesome opportunities to lead outdoor trips for kids aged 11-18 (approx)!!!

Upcoming Events, brought to you by the Events Committee:

Oct. 29: DamNation screening in Ostrove at 7 pm.

Nov. 5: Katahdin Woods and Waters talk in Olin 1 at 7 pm.

Nov. 6: CA Event including cider, slacklines and hammocks and tents and good vibes.

Gear Thoughts, brought to you by the Gear Committee:

COOT gear can be used so tents, stoves, etc, don’t have to be bought!

Supplementary gear package (to restore current items) will be sent out for review in the next couple of days.

Big gear purchase will be thought out over the next few weeks. Initial brainstorm included snowshoes, ski boots, a gopro, a sweetstick, an eagle, ski bindings, mountaineering gear, fly-fishing waders, a paddleboard, canoeing things, and Spencer. Keep brainstorming!

Trip Leader Process Update, brought to you by the Trip Facilitation Committee:

Almost certainly there will be a Trip Leader Training Trip the weekend of Nov. 7th.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BECOMING A TRIP LEADER, THIS WILL BE MANDATORY. If this is the case, please contact Owens (kostrawi) or Cassandra (crbiette).

Cabin and Sugaring Update, brought to you by the Cabin and Sugaring Committee:

Cabin is lookin’ good! Reminder that the loft is CLOSED at present. “Midlife crisis grill” will be bought soon, have no fear. Want to rent? Talk to Sara Jeanne (sjshimer)

Sugaring is going well, stackin’ wood on Thurs! Talk to Seth (spbutler)

If you want to join a Committee, go here: http://www.colby.edu/outingclub/get-involved/committees-2/


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