First and foremost, it SNOWED TODAY!! The COC celebrated accordingly (see Owen’s eloquent account on our Facebook page).

Trip Reports: Due to the seasonal transition, we didn’t have many official trips go out this week, but many folks still enjoyed Maine this week!

Spencer skied on Mt. Runnals and Lorimer Hill!! Gettin’ after it, as expected.

Ben took out his canoe on Ellis pond, and found some “cool old stuff” including a rock with a golden triangle on it. Send conspiracy theories to coc@colby.edu please.

Hannah Lafleur and Nate Eberly, both graduates of Colby class of 2011, were here to present about job opportunities with Overland Summers, but they also got outside this week! They hiked the Kinsmans in NH! Way to be.

Owens tried to enjoy the snow, but was unfortunately hit in the face with a snowball from very close range.  Her vision is recovering, but if you see her wish her well!

Seth and friends enjoyed the COC cabin this weekend…so they didn’t really get outside, but we’ll still count it.

Gretchen gave a couple haircuts outside, and a snowball came inside Miller Library. So some crazy activities happening in unexpected places!!!!!!!

Upcoming Trips:

Grace wants to hike on Saturday or Sunday (see email from Grace, Lidia, or Teddy with details)

Seth will be stacking wood and setting up lines in the sugarbush (behind the Alumni Center) on Thursday!

Brandon needs a co-lead!! Contact bcblackb@colby.edu if you can help him out!

Spencer and co will be going to Sunday River, which is open on Monday only (?) contact smmartin@colby.edu with quomments.

Gregory and Nick will be leading a trip the weekend before Thanksgiving, November 22nd, so keep your eyes peeled for that future trip!

Leader Training Trip THIS WEEKEND:

As a part of our new Leadership process (see below) we will be holding leader training trips this coming weekend, going to Acadia!!!!

Leadership Process:

  1. Interest inventory / survey.  A way to connect with the Trip Facilitation Committee Heads, and decide the role you want to play as a COC leader.
  2. Shadow a trip.  Not assessed in any way, and not an official co-lead, but merely getting acclimated to the process of being a trip leader.
  3. Wilderness Advanced First Aid (at Colby Nov. 14th and 15th, otherwise look into WMA and SOLO programs nearby!)
  4. Leader Training Trip.  Establishes a curriculum that gives COC leaders a common curriculum for hard and soft skills when leading a COC trip.
  5. Co-lead (can happen prior to Training Trip). Evaluated co-lead of a COC trip, based on certain skills necessary (pre and post trip logistics, group dynamics, etc.)
  6. Interview. Not figuring out whether you’re qualified, but rather a final check in to see how the process was, and to establish your role as a COC leader moving forward!

Events Happening on Campus:

Friday at 5pm in Dana, we’re teaming up with the CAs. Sign up to head an activity here: https://docs.google.com/a/colby.edu/spreadsheets/d/1bzfUDlFc7YNkzSHsQzxWxtbCdLAWEdfRAxh5nC1A5pk/edit?usp=sharing_eid

Katahdin Woods and Waters will be coming to speak in Olin 1 on Wednesday at 7 pm!

John T says look at his flow chart re: reimbursements! Very exciting stuff, he’s an artiste!