Location: Acadia National Park
Date(s): November 9th-10th
Trip Difficulty (1-5): 2
Trip Length: Overnight
This weekend, 21 of Colby’s best and brightest headed out to Acadia National Park to learn about all manner of exciting topics: risk management, the relative quality of the COC’s Whisperlites, and which colors Spencer can and cannot see. As part of the COC’s new Trip Leader process, students spent Saturday and Sunday learning the hard skills, soft skills, resources and leadership lessons necessary to plan and execute a COC trip. There was also a lot of summer sausage (still unclear if it should now be called “Autumn Sausage”). 
We spent all day Saturday exploring some awesome spots in Acadia and holding lessons on LNT, Trip and Route Planning, Leadership Styles, and Backcountry Cookery. It got a little chilly at night, but Blackwoods was an awesome place to be once the fire got going. The place shuts down for the most part during November, but the gate is still open and self-registration is available; all in all, it’s a great way to experience the usually crowded National Park. 
Sunday, we woke up early, and after a hearty breakfast of instant oatmeal and risk management lectures, we split up to hike Cadillac via the North and South Ridge Trails. Cassandra’s and my group drove on the Park Loop road to the North Ridge trailhead and started south toward the summit, while Owens’ and Will’s people started hiking from the campground. It’s a sick ~6 mile hike with awesome views of Mount Desert Island, the Maine Coast and the Atlantic. 
Spencer did not go skiing. 
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