Location: Rome, Maine

Date: November 22nd

Trip Difficulty (1-5): 1.3

Trip Length: Day Trip


This Saturday, ten gregarious Colby students set out with one special banana and the hope of seeing flying saucers turn the snow into flying monkeys. The trip was amazing. We hiked casually, taking breaks often, told lots of stories.

Alyssa and Kyle

As we were almost done ascending the round mountain, we took a break at a scenic overlook scattered with rocks. Within the rocks, A PORCUPINE EMERGED!! The group was in awe. Pictures were taken, memories folded into our minds, and the porcupine receded into his warm bungalow.


A special guest, YOB the Banana, joined us in our adventure to find the roundlieness of the top. Although he had a much more adventurous life than many other bananas, his body had to be consumed shortly after the hike. External and internal bruising turned his peel brown. He needed urgent remediation from this depraved physical state, so with my newly primed WFA certification, I assessed the hazards and consequences of this matter. I opened my mouth and my stomach’s fluids welcomed his doughy substance with great pleasure. He had a good home in my digestive tract for a few hours.

Yob the Banana


Nick with Yob

Outside matters of YOB the Banana and a porcupine, the group had a fantastic time hiking. All matters of fun were explored, including, but not limited to: picture taking, whittling, cold, stories, makeshift spear throwing, snowballs, standing on ice, and climbing rocks. At the top of the mountain (it was a very round top), the group sat down for lunch. Though it was very cold to sit bundled in our warmest clothes, the view was fantastic, and the company was even better.

Greta, Eric, and Nick at sign

This hike was like a round scoop of ice cream because of the roundness, the cold and the sweetness! First, the roundness of the top is similar to the roundness of ice cream. Second, it was so cold it felt like we were swimming in ice cream!! Third, the people and hike was as SWEET as doughy cookies n’ cream ice cream!!