Location: Oakland, ME

Date: January 25, 2015

Trip Difficulty (1-5): 1.3

Trip Length: Half-day trip


On the bright, sunny morning of January 25, six enterprising Colby students embarked on a casual jaunt along the Messalonskee Stream Trail toward Oakland in search of an amazing brunch. We enjoyed snowshoeing at a leisurely pace through the newly fallen snow.

Eventually, the trail briefly came right up to the stream.


We then walked through a beautiful snowy forest, paralleling Messalonskee Stream, until we arrived at the 5-way intersection in downtown Oakland. The Early Bird Restaurant was just a short walk from there.

We went right in and ordered our brunches. Our waitress was Gerry, who, according to Sara, who has had her before, is excellent. Our walk had built up our appetites, so we ate our food with great delight.

Lydia eating


We made excellent time on the way back, and got back to Colby at around 1:30 in the afternoon.

I can’t think of any ice cream or yeti metaphors to add here, but suffice it to say we all had a great time!