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Spring Break Trips were thusly epic (in brief):

St. John – sea turtles, octopus, sting ray, hiked up hills, twisty roads, bugs, sunburns, WILD WHITE MULE (sickly), bird thieves, burritos, rice and jam, spam, B, S, N!

Big Bend – we went up really fast and it was tiring, and then we went down, and then we went up again. Much wind, tent blankets, rattlesnake fear insomnia, deer, ghost town (“not a lot going on there”), a rodeo (“sam got asked to dance by a real girl!”) B, S, T, N (a solid amount).

Puerto Rico hostel, enterprise difficulties,  rainforest (it rained), post 6 pm badassery, moonlit hikes in a stream, highest mountain in PR, insane views, B, S, T, N!

Zion – it was perfect. it was awesome. sunrise, sunset. “risky climbing,” much sweat, yum yum of spam, river swims, John thought he lost the car but he ran to the wrong parking lot. B, S, T, N

ADK/Whites – Tasteful, ratchet, meat stick (lost on 1st day, found on 3rd! Hallelujah!), macaroni, AMC huts, mixed nuts container. Adirondacks didn’t convince john…B, S, T (wind), N!

***Please stay tuned for forthcoming epic blog posts by all of our Spring Break Trips.


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→ important

→ look for email from Sophie regarding tabling for this week!

→ If anyone wants to spearhead an alumni newsletter, email!


Leader Training Trip

Interest exists. email if you have strong preferences about what weekend this trip should be.


Upcoming Trips

Madison this Saturday (with Sophie and John, and Teddy and an unannounced friend…?)

Gregory would like to lead the weekend after Leader Training Trip (18th) in Acadia (overnight) and this would be GREGORY’s last trip with the COC!!


Are you interested in being on the K-Council next year?! Platforms are due in the foreseeable future! Email with quomments. 

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