Location: St. John

Dates: 3/23/15 to 3/29/15

Trip Difficulty: 3.5

Trip Type: Spring Break Voyage

P2020029 P2050222

This spring break we escaped the land of the cold and fled to St. John! Here we camped at Cinnamon Bay Campground and hiked around the island all day stopping at certain snorkeling spots. On Day one we got to explore all the reefs in Cinnamon Bay (the largest bay in St. John) and get our snorkeling skills down. Day two involved hiking out to Waterlemon Bay and Maho Bay where we saw sea turtles, nurse sharks, white mules, mangrove trees, barracuda, and tons of fish.




The wildlife was abundant everywhere we went and I miss the little hermit crabs that inhabited our campsite. I do not miss the sand fleas though… Anyway, on day three we hiked the Maria Hope Trail to the Reef Bay Trail and saw petroglyphs and sugar plantation ruins along the way.



There are ruins all over the island from the old sugar plantation days. On the trail we met a local who led us along the Lameshur Bay trail to Greater Lameshur Bay where we rock hopped all the way out to the bay’s point and snorkeled along the cliffs. Lemon sharks, more barracuda, spiny lobster, and an octopus are just a few of the things we saw there! Don’t forget about all the coral either which covered the rocks.


It was a relief to crawl into our tents after coming home on the $1 bus and hiking down the John Horn Rd back to Cinnamon Bay. All in all we hiked about 9.5 miles that day and swam another half a mile or more. The days can be as difficult or easy as you want to make them on this island. Come Friday we went to Trunk Bay and went on the underwater snorkel tour and experienced some hard swimming because of the huge waves. We wanted to swim out to Jumbie Bay but the surf was too much for us. The hiking was phenomenal, the weather was even better, and the water was a dream. If you want to go to a laid back place that offers many hikes and unbelievable snorkeling this is it! The hikes vary in difficulty, but make sure to bring plenty of water everywhere you go because it is HOT out there, and reapply your sunscreen often. For future trips: Do not bring any food that will melt/not do well in heat (so no cheese), really be careful about the sun sapping your energy, use the $1 bus so you can explore more bays, and be sure to bring all your food in from the States (it’s reallllly expensive down there). Here’s one last photo for your enjoyment: