Here’s what happened at ze meeting on Sunday!

Places We Beeen

  • Lydia boiled some sap on Sunday
  • Jake went for a run this morning! He got sprayed by 18 wheelers. Condolences
  • Teddy, Jacob Wall, Casey Ballin, Abe Krieger, and Kim Bourne went to Round Top Saturday! ‘Twas wet.
  • Olek WON the CMC Climbing Competition on Saturday! Legit stuff! Congrats to him
  • John and Sophie went to Saddleback, hiked a 1/10th of a mile, ate snacks, and Brits and Canadians made fun of them.

Where we attttt

  • Budget
    • There’s not a ton of money left, so please plan ahead for trips as much as possible!! We’d love to know your thoughts as soon as they pop into your head, that way we can make sure we get a vehicle if need be.
    • We do accept donations.
  • K-Council
    • Platforms currently being accepted!!!! Woooooot! If you wanna lead this rad club, tell us why you’d do a great job! If you have any questions regarding the process, email  Presidential platforms due this Sunday, Secretary and Treasurer due next Sunday.
  • Sap
    • Theres a lot — smell it, boil it. We have to do this ASAP (lol) before the season is too late!
    • Email if you’re confused about how to sign up for an hour to boil!
    • Also we are likely the idea of selling sugar water at extreme prices so whip out yo wallets.
  • LTT
    • Date still being solidified, so keep your eyes open for that email.

Places we gonna goooo

  • April 11th: Nick + Allyssa to Camden Hills
  • April 18th: Gregory + Reesy + Lydia to Acadia (Beehive and others – Gregory’s last trip lead ever!!)
  • May 8th weekend: Logan + co to the Bigelows


In other news, we’re excited about a new needle-point incarnation of our Constitution, and a bloody secession from the College.