The presidential platforms of SARA LOTEMPLIO and CASSANDRA BIETTE were read aloud, with humble eloquence, by Secretary Simpson at the meeting this past week. Their inauguration will be forthcoming, barring any serious reservations put forth by members of the Outing Club community, before, say, tonight.

in other news…

Accomplishments by the team:

  • REGGAE FEST! A raucous time was had by all, obviously.
  • Nick and Alyssa and Lydia hiked up Maiden’s Cliff (Megunticook was too deep in snow, so no cigar). Then the beach! Both lobster shacks were closed, so they went to chappy’s chowdah house instead. Cry me a river.
  • Sam played wiffleball outside today! Sam’s team won. Hannah lost. Condolences, Hannah.

Present happenings of the team:

  • Sugaring: Lots of boiling was done this weekend, so thanks to all who helped out! We’re now in the process of continuing to boil in Mary Low, and transporting sap and syrup inside.  We’re close!!
  • Leader Training Trip: Scheduled, officially, for the first weekend in May! If you’d like to become a trip leader, this is a key component! It’ll be a grand ol’ time in Acadia with your two resident lanky gingers.
  • Secretary and Treasurer platforms: these will be do this coming Sunday, to be read aloud at the meeting. Please email the current K-Council your platform beforehand at Merci.

Aspirations of the team: 

  • Sam and Hannah are going to Jordan Pond in Acadia
  • Gregory and Nathaniel (Gregory’s LAST TRIP LEAD FOR THE COC) will also be heading to Acadia! Congrats to Gregory for a stellar COC leading career.
  • Dylan and Spencer (with safe avy friend) will potentially be doing Tuck’s this weekend (Friday-Saturday)…not official COC trip but get in touch with them if you want in!
  • Further Ahead:
    • Carina wants to hike the Bigelows during reading period.
    • Owens wants to do some sort of backpacking during reading period.