This past weekend was free weekend in Acadia and the COC decided to take full advantage, sending two trips to the park! Our trip had one goal: to complete the coveted bubble-nubble traverse.

We departed from Colby at a respectable 4:30 on Friday afternoon and began the journey to Acadia. Upon our arrival, we were surprised to see that the gate to Blackwoods (the main campground at Acadia) was closed, however, we simply carried in our gear along the road.

After setting up camp, we began to cook a luxurious dinner of Cholula with a side of burritos. Then we all played witness to Sam embarking on a feast of rice even the yum-yum gods would deem impressive.

While waiting for our food comas to wear off, we played one of the strangest games of fantasy to ever be played. Let’s just say it involved Sarah Palin, Jack as microwave, and a special gift for President Obama…

Then we embarked on the greatest sleep there ever was (for apparently everyone except Jack who had a baby blue sleeping bag that was made for someone a foot shorter than him).


We woke up to a fine morning in Acadia and a breakfast of oatmeal – through which we discovered that a 1:1 ratio of hot chocolate mix to oatmeal is a tad overwhelming. Then we set off for Jordan pond, our starting point for the day’s adventure.


Here are some pictures that sum up our day quite nicely.

We made sure to walk our bikes....

We found some surprise snow at Jordan Pond.


Group shot at Jordan Pond

Group shot at Jordan Pond


Trying to push over Bubble Rock

Keeping Bubble Rock from falling on Sam


We love bubbles and nubbles!

We love bubbles and nubbles!


No trip is complete without competitive eating

Leader Oreo Eating competition!


Another day, another pickle in a bag!

Another day, another pickle in a bag!


All in all we had an awesome trip, 10/10 would hike again! The bubbles were bubbly and the nubbles were nubbly! We look forward to making more venture to Acadia in the future!