This is what happened at ze meeting yesterday, in case you missed it!

Who went outside?

  • Brittany, Sam and Hannah (among others) had a ballin’ time in Acadia! They hiked the Bubbles, and a nubble, and camped out in Blackwoods. An all-freshmen trip! The future!
  • Hannah and Chloe went to the arb with some prospies, showing them the sugaring shack and the COC office. Nice job rounding up the little ones! The future!
  • Nathaniel, Gregory, Lydia, Erica and Owens went to Acadia as well! GREGORY’S LAST TRIP! (a sitting ovation was made celebrating his 45 trips with the outing club, and 15 trips led!) Cheers!! Look forward to an epic blog post from this saga.

***There was a brief pause in the meeting, ryan had a “LIFE UPDATE”: he and nick pattison are facebook friends now..

  • Spencer, Dylan, Tom Kiffney, and Chris Spencer beasted Tucks! 2 runs, great times with great new friends.


  • ELECTIONS for secretary have been sent out by Ryan! Vote, because democracy!
  • Logan Gillen will serve as Treasurer for the K-Council, unless anyone voices concern before Wednesday. Please email with any qualms!
  • Leader Training Trip: May 1st-2nd in Acadia with John B and Teddy. Email if you think you’ll be interested in signing up!

Who wants to go outside?

  • Teddy wants to go canoeing on Sunday, email if you’d like to co-lead!
  • If you want to go skiing Monday or Thursday with Spencer, email!
  • Loudness weekend, Logan wants to do the Bigelows, so keep that in the back of you mind.

“Don’t Be Like Richard’s Nephew.”