Grace and Sam and Spencer and Eric and Chloe and Hannah all skied!

Logan competed with the Woodsmen team at the spring meet at Dartmouth (COC legends were met! maple sugarer!) – Girls placed 1st, so congrats to the best team in the northeast, and guys placed 4th!

Hannah, Chloe and Brittany went for a night hike (oooOOOOh) – kinda cloudy but still really nice.

Colby Cares Day:

  • John T and chloe and hannah and brittany and ben raked a lot of bags of leaves!
  • Ryan Cole went to the messalonski with EnviroCo and cleaned up 4 bags of trash! No TVs this time, which is actually a good thing! ***AND he added Hannah Bossi on Facbeook!
  • Eric C and Teddy went to Viles Arboretum in Augusta and dragged a bunch of half trees around a field.

Molly and Kat cartwheeled on the colby green for about an hour.

Owens DIDN’T GO OUTSIDE but Colby hosted an event with the National Women and Girls Sports Day. Nick P was a pretty good gal! The shirt for this event is really extensive, full text and citations attached (jk)

Syrup Update

Record production of 7.25 gallons. (7.25 x 40 gallons) plus throwing out 100 gallons of sap. THIS IS HUGE! Congratulations, and THANK YOU to all that helped out, and especially to Seth Butler and the Cabin / Sugaring Committee!!

Friday May 1st, from 1-3 pm we will have a pancake (breakfast?) in Pulver to celebrate this haul!

If you are really interested in the Sugaring Committee and operation in general, contact Seth Butler to be TRAINED next year.

Photo Contest

This will only exist if you send me photos.  SEND PHOTOS FROM COC TRIPS TO!!!!

Committee Head Platform Submissions

Next Sunday, we will read platforms for the following positions, so please submit!!!

– 2 positions for Events Committee Head

– 1 position for Gear Committee Head

– 1 position for Trips Committee Head


Leader Training Trip! This Friday and Saturday, we will be going to Acadia to get some more leaders in da system, its gonna be reeeeeal cool.

Last day at the ‘loaf this Sunday!! Email if you wanna hit the slopes 1 last time.

**also: email Owens Strawinski if you or a loved one has a sea kayaking leading certificate.