And then, on the first Sunday in May, they gathered once more.  Their boisterous laughs and winning smiles outdid even the most vibrant of the COC office’s graffiti art. The people elevated the room to a level deserved of only deities.  And gods there were, in attendance: a departing class of ladies and gentlemen who have graced this office, yes, but also these mountains and rivers and forests and snowfields, for four beautiful years. So, per usual, the Colby Outing Club celebrated a week of good times spent out of doors.

“So, who went outside this week?” John Bengtson ’15
  • Gregory Naigles ’15 went on a geomorphology field trip! School is cool, kids!
  • Lydia went in the arboretum for a jaunt, as did JB
  • Kim went running in runnals
  • Eric reported a “good” leader training trip to Acadia.  His nonchalance is inaccurate, folks!  Sleep with your eyes open till we get a blog post up on the site that is worthy of our adventures (we had 3 bottles of Chahlula……………)
  • Kat Belle ’15 danced her last dance at the ‘loaf on Sunday.  She and Molly Nash ’15 may not sleep inside again until graduation.
  • JB played croquet?
  • Ryan Cole ’15 and John Tortorello ’15 went to Chipotle…and walked between science buildings. John rode his bike once.
***Important: Owens made a motorbike. That’s the loud thing going around campus. She describes it as “like a chainsaw between my legs.”  Do with that what you will.
CABIN SHINDIG: It shall be Sunday the 9th
There will be meat. There will be non meat. There will be awards. (please send suggestions for all 3 to
PLATFORMS for Committee Heads
Events: Hannah Bossi
Sugaring: Lydia Wasmer, Anna Krauss
Gear: Ben Wheeler
**Please vote in these non competitive races in the email that John B sent out!
not many people because of Loudness. BUUUT:
  • carina wants to hike the bigelows during reading period!!!!! We cannot endorse this, however, so this will be unofficial.
  • Jake Lester, Ryan Linehan and a CRU will be paddling’ the ‘ski on Thursday!

AU REVOIR MES AMIS I WILL MISS WRITING THE MINUTES SO MUCH haha I am coming back next year nerds !

Signing off,

Teddy “Sexcretary” “T$” Simpson