Mt. Katahdin / Baxter Area, 09/12/2015-09/13/2015, Difficulty (1-5): 2, Trip Length: Overnight

This weekend 8 daring Colby students visited the stunning area by Katahdin and Baxter State Park. After what seemed like hours on a potholed, rocky, precarious road, we met with the Woods and Waters of Katahdin Organization and went on a quick 3 mile hike up Barnard Mountain. At the top we had a great view of the monstrous Mount Katahdin!IMG_4320

Our guides told us the history of the trail and of the area. We made our way down and roasted some hotdogs (Kimberly burned one and so did Thomas but they were good with a lot of ketchup). Then a few local astronomers and professors gave 10 minute discussions about various space topics like how the Big Dipper (really called the Great Bear) got its long tail from a hunter who did not want to kill the bear but wanted to save a boy the bear wanted to eat. So he grabbed its stubby tail and swung it around until it stretched and tossed it into the sky…yeah some of the astronomers were very expressive.

The telescopes were set up after dinner and the Milky Way came out! Luckily the clouds stayed away so we could view Saturn, the Lagoon Nebula, the Dumbbell Nebula, and more!

The marshmallows we had later were outrageous. They were the size of apples. We gorged ourselves on processed sugar and sprawled out under the stars and slept soundly…until the rain came. We made a hasty retreat this morning and arrived safe and sound back at Colby.


Great food and greater people.