Hi everyone! It’s your secretary here. This is where I write words about what happened in the COC office on Sunday night at 7 pm juuuust in case you were lame and happened to not show up!

Quick recap from our actual first meeting on 9/13: Everyone sat in a pile and it was sweaty. Sam Krumholz wore a sleeping bag because he was excited (??).  We also hot-seated Allison and Sophie as trip leaders! They sat in the fun chair on top of the old chest thing.  This was an exciting development. OK ANYHOO

This week, the gist:


Stars Over Katahdin; Two weekends ago, a glorious crew gazed upon Katahdin’s curves and the vast night sky for the second annual (*that we’ve attended*) Stars Over Katahdin event in Katahdin Woods and Waters. YEEEee fall in maine.

LTT: Our first Leader Training Trip graced Acadia National Park, and seven innocent laypeople became wise woodspeople in just two days! You can too! Congrats, though, actually.

Katahdin: Spencer and Alyssa took a crew up Katahdin, roasted weeenies, and slept under the stars.  Nuff said!

Katahdin^2: Maravilla and Eric also took a crew up Katahdin, but couldn’t come to the meeting unfortunately. Look for their epic blog post describing their rad adventure in Baxter!

Reesy SEES Bigelow: Nathaniel gave gummy bears to a thru hiker who likes to “keep it breezy”on the trail……………..

Jake Lester + XC: The cross country team revealed their upper thighs to the ocean in Acadia this weekend, where they went for a long run!

Teddy + BC: The boss country team revealed their smiles to the arboretum, when we went for a *lite* trail run.

JENNIFER PHARR DAVIS: She came to Colby, and it was incredible.  We now have one of her books, which she signed! She told us about all three times she’s thru hiked the AT, and about what to pack in a pack, and introduced us to her child, who is awesome. Thank you, JPD.


Katahdin: Do you want to hike the tallest mountain in Maine?? (“yes omg yes”) Then you should sign up for one of our 2 trips heading up to Baxter State Park this weekend! They are on the CALENDAR (click this thing)!!!!! Sign ups close tomorrow night at 7 pm, and then we will do a lottery to see who goes!

Common Ground Country Fair: This is an epic thing that is happening this weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). There are shuttles that will leave provided by Colby! Also sign up for Cassandra and Spencer’s half-bike-half-drive trip that will save you a couple dollars on the entrance fee! WOOoooOo farms!

Old Speck: Maddi Bistrong and Teddy Simpson are leading a day hike to the Mahoosucs to hike Old Speck, the 3rd tallest mountain in Maine! Signups will go up tomorrow (Tuesday) night!

HOLLERINGS (idk, its like “announcements”)

***Fall Break***: If you want to lead a trip somewhere over Fall Break, look out for an email this week with a quick form to fill out! It’s gonna be epic.

Climbing Nights: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday this week with the Colby Mountaineering Club! 7-9:30 pm in the field house of the Athletic Center! Come one, come all, no experience necessary!!

Meru: The epic film was extended and is still showing at Railroad Square this week! GO SEE IT

Trail Work: Are you interested in helping the Woodsmen Team and PPD out with maintaining our beautiful arboretum trails a couple times a month? Shoot me in email if this really get’s you goin’:

OK OK MINIONS THAT’S ALL FROM ME – have a lovely week. PEACE