PS PSA (pre script public service announcement): come to the meeting 10 mins early to enjoy raging dance parties.

Trips Reports:

Katahdin! Cat and team went up and down the Saddle Trail, because of conservative recommendations by the BSP rangers (idiots). Cheers to accurate itineraries / punctuality!  Also there was ~papaya~ !!

Wahsington! PJ and cru hiked MT WASHINGTON! They ate pancakes and local bacon courtesy of local parents (PJ’s).  HOOOO rah. 

Shag Crag! Owens and crew climbed outside! sport leading! climb at the wall in the gym! then go outside!

SLOAF season begins! Sara and Spencer and Julia and Sage and more people walked up the mountain and then sat down the mountain. (Chairlifts!!!) Bummin’ it like some professionals. 

Grace Fowler wins Portland Half Marathon! jk she finished though! Also there’s this crazy running moose that you should all look up on the world wide web! 

Katahdin w/ friends! Maddi B hiked the great one, via the Hunt trail! She saw a thru hiker who she had given a banana to 2 weeks ago! 1 new friend!

Committee Updates:

Gear: Email if you wanna have some #input with what we #purchase


  • A successful Fall Fest was had! INCREDIBLE ice cream was made courtesy of Chef Hannah and her sous chefs, along with some toasty sugary banana goo.  People also enjoyed some slacklining and whittling in the fall sun!!!!!
  • Women in the Outdoors Month is ONGOING!!!!!! Look for future events comin’ your way!

Cabin / Sugaring: Nothing new on our end!

Trips: Owens made a new online ERP for trip leaders to use! It is spleeeeendddidd. Innovation!

What’s the PLAAAAAAN:

Fall Break!!!!!!! Peeps be headed all over the state! And out of the state! Take photos and text them to Teddy so you can be insta famous (follow @colbyoutingclub / @sammysinkles)

Email Jake Lester for a date 😉 over Fall Break. Canoe the Charles with ur resident campus cutie.  But on the real if you live near Beantown, hit him up!

Leader Retreat!!!!!! If you are a leader, check yo email for details regarding our retreat OCT 16-17th at ze cabine.