I am the captain now.


Trips that done happened:


Fall Break


Canoeing: Keenan and many others (none of whom were at the meeting) went canoeing! some blood (Keenan bled a lot) and sweat, no tears (very happy)

Presi Traverse! Chloe and Sam and others did all the Presidentials except Madison! But who needs Madison anyway, he wasn’t even one of the first three presidents. They saw the Bossis who DROVE UP WASHINGTON. NEVER LET THEM LIVE THIS DOWN. Also, Hannah has no say in Bossi family politics.

Acadia: PJ and CMC crew went mountaineering in Acadia! Blood, sweat, maybe tears of joy. No nude climbing unfortunately. Consider it a missed opportunity.

Dacks: Sara went to dicks range with an all-girls crew. Summitted 3 dicks plus 2 other unimportant peaks. Everyone universally agreed that the Whites are better than the Adirondacks.

Camden! Cassandra and crew went to Camden! They had no blood (losers) but lots of vomit. Cassandra distanced herself from the puke. Boats are tough.


Other Trips


Buck is a defector! He went to the Fundy Footpath in the grand land of Canadia. It was cold.

Logan went to Burnt Mountain! That’s near Sugarloaf! Skiing!! Anyway, he failed to follow Gregory’s example and therefore there was no lone nudity.

Spencer has no friends so he went to acadia with his family! He was a tourist. Brother Spencer found a knife! No news of him using it yet.

PRETTY FACES was watched. That wasn’t a trip, but it was AMAZING. More movies ahead?

Owens and Julia went to Katahdin this weekend! Owens wanted to do ridiculous stuff but instead just summited katahdin in a blizzard. As you do. Also, Owens was scary.

Logan drove by Katahdin this weekend! It’s still a mountain.

Bigelow was attempted to be hiked by Maddi and crew! Instead they just all got naked. Bought some alpacas too!

Spencer drowned in a kayak and has now come back to life.


Trips that gonna happen:


Logan wants to lead a Saddleback hike the weekend of Halloween (friday-saturday?) Rumor is one Gregory Naigles might be there??

Sara’s leading a costume hike on Halloween!! Gonna be spooky.

Brittany is leading a parents weekend hike the Sunday of parents weekend! Yay parental units!

Chloe and Lex and Sophie and Grace are doing SHEJUMPS on Sunday! Check out emails from them for more info!

Sophie Gould and I are leading a Sugarloaf hike on Sunday! It’s gonna be like skiing uphill without skis!

WFA november 14-15!! You need it to lead! Really cool course. Info will come later this week. Hooray for medicine!

LTT weekend of november 6-7!!! Info will be coming on that. We’re bad at getting info.




Events: Women’s climbing night (and whittling!) this Wednesday!! We love alliteration!

Old dudes fly fished! Anna did too. They then caught people on Dana Lawn! That made people mad at Sara, as all COC events should do.

Hardy Girls hike is being planned by Emma! Around November 13th maybe?

Events committee meeting Thursday at 7! Y’all better be there.

Coffee house discussion on women in the outdoors at 8 pm on Monday the 26th!!


Gear: Spencer has a lot of work to do!

No more buying little things, just selling them (aka headlamps). WE GONNA HAVE A SHOP.

New stoves and fuel stuff! Yay Spencer.


Cabin/Sugaring: shirts are coming!! Talk to Seth or Lydia, especially Seth


Trips: Owens is sad because she doesn’t have anything to say.


Hot Seat:


Chloe: likes to poop in mud

Eric: has no voice, couldn’t hear what he was saying


Spring break?


Think about it!