They came. They saw. They talked and hung out on couches.

By the Grace of God, Teddy completes the minutes this week, allowing you to live vicariously through words to experience what proved to be another epic day in the graffiti-ed temple.



Skiiers: The club continues to be occupied by people who CANNOT APPRECIATE THE PRESENT. Fall is at its prizzzime, people! Just kidding, these rad folks went to Sunday River and tore it up (literally, like with mud and dirt): Lex, Emma, Cat, Buck, Spencer!

Beehive: Eric and Reesy and Sage (among others, who did not choose to make the trek to M-low ce soir) hiked in Acadia this weekend, in costume!

Tumbledown: Gregory, Ramon, and Logan hiked the loop trail of Tumbledown, helping dogs and humans along the way to make it safely through caves and to live their dreams of seeing a moose! (Alyssa’s costume was super convincing I guess?)

Parents Hike: Brittany and Anna and FORTY OTHER PEOPLE went hiking via the magic that is Parent’s Weekend! Dogs and middle-aged humans were there.

Sugarloaf: Buck and Maddi hiked it! Buck decided socks were a no-go on this one, and it worked out anyway!



LTT: Tell us by tonight if you want to go on this! This weekend, Saturday-Sunday, Sara and Sam will lead the Leader Training Trip, which is required to become a COC leader unless you have done a backcountry COOT training trip. There is a mandatory meeting on Wednesday from 4-6 pm to talk about risk management with Ryan “Wolfdog” Linehan as well!

Saddleback: Cat McLure needs a co-lead for what could be an epic trip!

Round Top: Anna C needs a co-lead for what ALSO could be an epic trip!!

Trail Work Opportunities: 1) “Debrushify” Quarry Raod!!! Important work. Email for more info! And 2) Work in Liberty, ME (free ice cream) ! Email if you are interested! 

Paintball Biathlon: Quarry Road is hosting this awesome event this weekend!!!!!!! If you are interested in volunteering or in participating in the event itself, email!




  • Meeting this week at 7 pm in the COC office, come on by!
  • Working on a COC Thanksgiving event! (Taking suggestions for catchy names as well).  We’re thinking bring the food that you’re thankful for, and it’ll be a mis-mash potluck fiasco extravaganza sha-bang!


  • Thanks to all who helped clean this past week! Much appreciated!
  • Full inventory now, so go check it out, and check it out!! (hahaaaa)
  • Black Diamond pro-deal now exists! Celebration nation! Working on an OR rental deal for rain gear!!!!!


  • If you’re interested in becoming a trip leader trainer, please email!! This is an awesome position to have w/in the club.  Must be a current COC leader.  If you’re interested in outdoor ed, this is 4 U!
  • SPRING BREAK Proposals are due November 15th!!!!!! Please get brainstormin’ on this, guys! Dream big! Grand Canyon! Zion! Cleveland!
  • WFA money is due this Wednesday, the 4th, to Logan!
  • Next week we will have a trips planning seshhhh after the meeting, so if you’re a leader or have ANY KIND OF ENTHUSIASM AT ALL, feel free to stay till 8 and get psyched about the woods and mountains!

Cabin / Sugaring:

  • Wood was stacked at the Cabin and at the Sugaring station in the arb! Winter is coming!
  • Shirts are here and they are good looking and sans quotes marks, so get your wallets out kiddos!


  • Apogee Adventures is coming to Colby this week!! This is another great company to lead trips for in the summer! They have stellar programs, and a solid Colby contingent of leaders! Check ’em out in Lovejoy 213 on Tuesday at 7 pm.
  • Our presidents said “cool” at the same time!!!!!! They’re witches I think.
  • Ramon Arriaga, Thomas Gregston, and Jake Lester all were hot-seated and are now COC TRIP LEADERS so if you see them around campus, head butt them in the shin (they’ll understand).


(that’s French for “go back to doing your work, peasants”)