Welcome to Second Semesterrrrrrr- the semester of snow, movies, snow, thimbles, and pancakes. Though our fearless sexcretary Theodorus is gone, we will soldier on and completely forget about him until September.


So here’s what happened:


Who are the outside people?

  • People went to Banff! There were movies there! If you wanna learn more, here’s the link: https://www.banffcentre.ca/banff-mountain-film-and-book-festival. I know there’s a way to make it so you can click the word link and it goes to the link, but I’m just not that savvy. Lex went to Banff. Also, Lex was here. But she’s gone, so don’t get too excited. Logan got sad about a dog.
  • WFR- 9 (10?) people took a Wilderness First Responder course! Fini learned a lot. Especially which joints to let hang (hint: it’s almost never right to amputate).
  • we had a game night this past friday. twas fun. words were spoken.


What’s happening in the future??? 

  • Tripzzzzz (all going live on the calendar at 7 tonight):
    • Mo and Fini are leading a trip up (down?) the Messalonskee Stream this Saturday!
    • Keenan and Sam (moi) are heading to Round Top on Saturday. This is guaranteed to be the best trip of the weekend.
    • Sara and Lydia are snowshoeing to Early Bird to eat on Sunday morning! Extra points if you bring a certain member of the K-Council back a plate bacon.
  • Eventzszszszsz (and future tripszzzz):
    • Sara and I are leading an intro backpacking clinic on Wednesday at 7. Come one, come all, come after dinner.
    • Hannah’s gonna wax stuff with people in da future
    • Sara and Jake will lead XC ski trip February 26-27
    • Whittling Wednesdays is now Tree-trimming Tuesdays! Just an extra reminder about the importance of alliteration, which some people don’t seem to get (Cassandra). Anywayz, that starts tonight! 7-8 in COC office.


Committee Stuff!

  • Trips- if you wanna become a leader, look out for email and/or carrier pigeon from Julia and Anna (only select few will receive carrier pigeon).
  • Events- Teton Gravity Research! Sammy C Project (http://www.tetongravity.com/films/the-sammy-c-project) will be coming to Colby with a 50% discount! Please thank your local neighborhood Bossi for this lovely event. Should be in late Feb-early March.
  • Community Outreach- We need a committee head! Apply by next week’s meeting. We believe in you all.
  • Gear- Committee members please do inventory of something(?). You’ll get an email. Spencer has literally no idea what we have in that locked room. Any work will be appreciated.
    • Gear purchase being made soon! Come talk to us or Spencer, we have no friends. Most likely gear purchase will be helicopter
  • Cabin- Amy and Kaitlin found unplowed roads. Made fire safety changes. Doing great things.



  • Naked in nature contest! We gonna be naked (not mandatory). Buck is gonna look at all our naked photos and create a contest! Prize yet to be determined.
  • Spencer is leading the tshirt contest! People will submit logos and we might choose one! Send your ideas to Spencer, but make sure not to send him naked photos. Unless you really want to, no judgment.



  • Mo hot-seated and is now a leader! Here are all of her answers with no context- NO FOLD DIGERIDOO DIDGERI ALWAYS ONE PIECE CRANBERRY JUICE CLIT I LOVE ALL OF THEM SAM LEX DAVIS EARLY IN THE MORNING


Anyways, everyone have a magnificent week and a Valentine’s Day full of merriment, chocolate, and lovvvvvvvv. Salutations to all, and to all a good Tuesday.