LOVE IS IN THE AIR, AND DAMN IS IT COLD. If you were too cold to come to the meeting, or otherwise engaged in some other Valentine’s Day activity, don’t worry! I’m here to sorta let you know about some of the stuff that may or may not have happened at the meeting.

Here ya go:


Recent Adventures and LESS EXCITING THINGS:

  • Maddy and Mo and others went snowshoeing and it was COLD.
  • Catharine and Olivia and Keenan and others (and me!) hiked round top and it was COLD. No blood anywhere though, which is good I guess.
  • Sara wimped out and decided not to snowshoe to early bird just because it was -20 with the wind chill or something. Wimp.
  • Emma caught a twizzler. It was actually quite fantastic.
  • Sara watched some people play hockey and possibly told them when they hit each other too hard and stuff. It was probably COLD.
  • Anna XC skied for the first time ever and only fell a lot! Well done Anna!
  • Julia ‘just said no’ to some responsible uncles on a ski lift! A fine example for others to follow.


Those things that might happen in the time period after this current time period:

  • Spencer and T$ Gregston are leading a trip to Sugarloaf Friday evening for moonlight climb. Skinning and snowshoeing are allowed; piggybacks and sledding are not; darkness, cold, and spencer are mandatory. Keep an eye out for more info on this trip.
  • Sara and Jake overnight XC ski trip Friday night to Saturday night! Minor experience is recommended.
  • Emma is leading an XC ski clinic on Thursday! More info on the way.
  • Jack is leading trip to Devil’s Chair at Quarry Road sometime in the future. This will be a beginner ice climbing a trip and will technically be a CMC trip; however, anyone interested may sign up. The COC-CMC feud is informal and will not affect trips, only eating competitions between club leaders.
  • Lidia and unknown second leader are leading snowshoeing to Early Bird Sunday morning, since Sara is a wimp.
  • Emma and Julia might lead winter camping trip Friday-Saturday!
  • Social Justice Sundays now after every meeting! Let us ( know if you have any suggestions for topics.
  • Next week is spirit week (hosted by SGA)! Monday the 22nd the COC (us!) will be giving out hot chocolate between 4-5 pm on dana lawn; email Jake Lester if you wanna be there! His whisperlite skill is the stuff of legend; if you haven’t seen it before you better try your best to be there.
  • Tree-trimming Tuesdays continues! Come on down to trim (whittle) 7-8 pm in the office!
  • Ski waxing with Sara and Spencer this Wednesday from 7-8 pm in the COC!



  • Events: committee meetings will be during Wednesday community hours; stop by if you want to be involved. Movie night next Thursday! Email hjbossi with ideas. TRAMPOLINES.
  • Gear: Spencer is lonely. Send him pictures of helicopters.
  • Trips: community hours and committee meetings on Monday nights. Come tonight if you want to be on the committee! Also if you want help planning a trip.
  • Sugaring: committee meeting Monday 7-7:15 pm.
  • Community Outreach: Rachel read her platform and is running unopposed! I wonder who’s gonna win. Electronic vote this week. Best of luck to all candidate.



  • Everyone send Buck nudes! But seriously, if you want to be part of the Naked in Nature competition, send Buck ( your tasteful (outdoors) nudes. 
  • Submit t-shirt designs! We know you’re artsy. Believe in yourself. Submissions to Spencer. DO NOT SEND NUDES TO SPENCER (unless you want them to be on COC t-shirts.
  • Patches by Jake Lester. Be on the lookout for an email about getting them. This is not a contest, I do not know why I put in this section. Just go with it.



  • WFR certs are in! If you took WFR and haven’t gotten your cert, email Logan or stop by during community hours.


Hot Seat:



Before I let you all go, I must let you know of a very exciting opportunity. Our very own Eric, Tom, and Tyler have submitted an app to the Red Bull “Can You Make It?” competition and they need all your votes. Here is the link: Throw ’em a like. I dare you.


I hope you all had a wonderful day of Valentines. I myself drank a lot of chocolate milk. Couldn’t have been better. Live, love, eat Twizzlers. Au revoir, amigos.