Warning to all: I was not at the meeting (secret awesome spy stuff) and Spencer took the notes, so if my minutes are not up to snuff, it’s his fault, and if they’re awesome, that means I’m great at working with other people. I knew you’d all understand. Here be that COC stuff:


What done happened:

  • Pj freed his heel. Eli dropped his heel naturally. People got high (on mountains). People sweat, windy tears, blood was kept in its veins and arteries.
  • Keenan, Spencer, Anna, and others tapped trees, didn’t make the NESCAC story, boiled things, reports are coming in positive. Travis Reynolds was there. He seems cool.
  • Want to join sugaring? Email Lydia.Wasmer@colby.edu if you wanna join. Payment is in syrup. Wages are negotiable.
  • Kailtin, Cassandra walked to car, drove said car, walked to ll bean, sat down in llbean. Listened to people talking about marching. Kaitlin bought smartwool socks and saw coach who forgot her. She said it was still a good day: Potentially saw lunchlady from the good old days.  
  • Reality TV Shows have been asking to have us. Rachel is int.


Future Shenanigans:

  • Abraham, saddle back. Professor Katz will decide if Logan can lead this. Send him your O-Chem (orange chemistry) vibes.
  • Dialogue trips have mixed signups. Some are empty, some are super full. Sign up!
  • Kayaking / Roll clinic Tuesdays from 7-9 starting this week. Signups go live tonight at 8!
  • Sara will not be at office hours for Audrey Peterman. BOC invited us to dialogue about diversity in the outdoors. Chipotle? Bus? Making Bates jokes? Sign up for all that and more on the email recently sent out by slotemp!
  • Sir Spencer Martin will be leading a wilderness medical review during Wednesday office hours! Come on down whether you have WFA/WFR, hope to take it some time in the future, or even just have a dislocated shoulder!
  • Colby Fly Fishing- Horizons! A newly released fly fishing film in Lopo/Lower Pulver/below the pub/Bobby Silberman/place with chairs on Wednesday March 9th at 7pm.
  • No more Tree-Trimming Tuesdays. No one has been coming to them.


Ze Bigelow Buddddies:

  • Gear: We getting gear!
  • Trips: New ERPs are being made (maybe have already been made?) Be on the lookout for those.
  • Sugaring: Sugaring is sugaring!
  • Community Outreach: Afterschool hikes with 3th, 4rd, 5nd graders sometime during March. Check in with Rachel if you’re interested in that.
  • Events: TGR is coming to Colby! Stay tuned.


A Heated Seat

  • Fini and PJ burned their bums! Here are their answers:
  • Fini: Toenails 3 days. Germany. So many COWS they chomp. Not Hitler. Ice climbing. Cookies & cream. Tomato & Something. Julia. 2nd. 1st. what’s a ply?
  • PJ: Pearse,  Pearse Jacob. PJS?!?!?!?!? Yeah sure. Pj in pj’s. Um, close. I don’t know, lord of the rings? Larvae. Idk, I guess the default is Emma Watson? Wait no- Lizzy Duffy.


Spencer wrote a lot of weird things at the bottom of the notes that I’m gonna ignore, except CONGRATS TO LEX on being awesome and skating fast and making it up that well. You Rock. Hope nobody runs into a crocodile this week. Bonjour, and adios.