Major credits to the WONDERFULly-bad-at-eating-donuts Julia von Ehr for taking notes during the meeting. I’ll do my best to make my minutes as different from those notes as possible, because, as we all know, she’s in on an inside plot to slowly destroy the Outing Club and all we stand for. Or maybe that’s me. Or Spencer. Who knows? Well this is an unusually long heading. Anyways, here goes:


What we been up to:

  • NICK WENT FISHING MEMORIES WHERE HAD (PS it was also his first meeting!!)
  • Eric went for a run in 70 degree weather (in the crabby state of Maryland)
  • Jake went to the Hume center! He was gonna jump in for a swim, but there was ice, and it hurts to jump onto ice.
    • PSA FROM CASSANDRA: dont walk on ice around here, someone fell in and died in Camden last week. I was gonna make a joke about this PSA, but I feel it might not be a joking matter. So just know you missed out on a great joke in this spot.
  • There was also a night time fire on Runnals (twas a log cabin/lean-to style hybrid). Jake and Eli are fire physicists”. I do not know who said this as I was not at the meeting. Odds-are they still aren’t on the level as fire-making legend Fire-Kat.
  • Some people (definitely including Rachel) had an impromptu and completely unplanned get-together atop the steps of Miller Library to see the sunrise on Saturday morning after a full night of sleeping and general healthy behavior.


Things we might do if we feel up to it:

  • Roll clinic led by Spencer and Wolf-Dog Linehan tomorrow at 7 pm. Sign ups around 9 tonight probably?
    • Julia referred to Wolf-Dog as RDOG in her notes. Let it be known this is vastly incorrect.
  • Tree ID clinic on Wednesday (led probably by Jack Lynch but maybe not because he hasnt texted Sara back in typical Jack Lynch fashion). The clinic will be at 6PM even though Jack wants to do it at 6AM because thatd be great for seeing birds’.
  • SPRING BREAAAAAK. Rumor is that’s happening.


Things we’ll definitely do in April (not sure why this is a separate section, this is pretty much chaos, Julia):

  • White water rafting?!?!?! We’d love for this to happen, it would probably be with Crabapple on the Kennebec. Yay water and helmets.
  • This line of notes just said “RAD RAD RAD”. Don’t know what to take from that.
  • Learn to Ski Day! All expenses paid for by COC, so even if you need to rent it’s all good. Keep an eye out for this.
  • Leader training trip (APRIL 30TH) at ACADIA!!!!!! Sign ups/apps will be after break. Will be led by yours truly, so consider whether you really want to spend two days learning from me. Acadia’s great though.
  • Spring WFA course run by COOT! More info on that coming soon. WFA is a requirement for a COC leader.


ELEXIONESZES (that’s Dutch for elections):

  • President platforms are due April 2nd (must be a rising Senior).
  • Secretary and Treasurer platforms are due April 9th (secretary and treasurer).
  • Sometime after those are announced, committee head platforms will be due.
  • Reminder that even previously held positions must be run for again. Complete democracy up in here.


Committee Bigelow Buddies Peoples:

  • Gear with Chris (Spencer keeps disappearing):
    • Plug from Logan: donate your old hiking boots!!
  • Sugaring:
    • Due to weird weather (read: climate change) sugaring yield has not been that great BUT there are still opportunities to help out
    • Potential pancake breakfast for the Colby community
    • We are very close to getting a hard structure over the sugaring shack (project run by PPDbuilt by students, talk to Seth if you want to help)
  • Events:
    • Movie screening in Olin 1 on March 30th, first all black ascent of Denali:
    • Working on the adventure race (obstacle course/scavenger hunt extravaganza on Earth Day which is April 22nd (PS: catching a squirrel is automatic win))
    • The Earth is LITregistered partyBYORC (bring your own reusable container) will also be on Earth Day
    • CCAK brunch, need help from people that arent mentors to lead all the activitiezzzz


Other stuff that Julia didn’t put in a category:

  • NOTE TO EVERYONE FROM SARA: pick up free stuff whenever possible (just make sure you arent stealing). I honestly don’t know what this means.
  • Patches are on their wayyyyyy YEAHcool.– Jake
  • Plug it so hard.– Logan about getting free Maine huts and trails maps. You can order some online.


Hot Seat:

  • Sir Park “P-dog” “Parky Park” “Fenway” Cawley hot seated and became a LEADER. Below be his answers:
    • dogs chicken parm cuz I love it sleeping Eric Teddy not that often anymore getting pulled over late at night because I apparently cut someone off shorts, shorts, shorts YES my house


If I don’t see your lovely faces before Spring Break, have a magnificent time. Or a bad time. I ain’t your boss. Do whatever makes you happy, unless it makes me unhappy. Then you probably shouldn’t do it, because I’m your boss.