The eminent statesman Gunther has returned to his true home, finally saved from his treacherous captors. But the kidnapping will not go unpunished. The feud rages on. Also, a meeting happened:


So many things we have done:

  • Eli went to Tucks last Sunday and it was awesome. Great day. Also he went surfing today. Eli’s been busy.
  • Keenan, Abby and Kaitlin did some stuff in the ‘dacks (which I’ve heard aren’t as good as the Whites). They failed to summit a very large mountain. No types of spikes were involved.
  • Chloe and Eli and others went on some sort of trip with a wolfish individual. I think they skied. Eli tried to become Father Ryan. Father Ryan slept on the floor to relive college glory days. No knowledge of whether Ryan took part in other old college pastimes. Also not sure why Ryan didn’t have a bed in college.
  • Park and the CMC went to Red River Gorge with the glorious Gunther. Minimal clothes were involved, apparently.
  • COC and women’s rugby coordinated a trip and went to Maiden’s Cliff in Camden! There was snow! Also SWEAT. There may have also been a good old-fashioned mooning. Which is the same as a new-fashioned mooning, but in a car.
  • APT 110 hiked up Bretton Woods for the sunset. “Kim rode Jenna into the sunset”-slotemps
  • Amy went to Utah. Horses were ridden. Two ice creams one day. “Nothing you say makes sense”-slotemps to alotemps. Ah the wonders of sibling banter. Also there was apple cider.
  • Spencer the Schmoozer and Sophie brought some never-evers (including Johanna) up to Sugarloaf and some people learned to ski! All things happened (B,S,T,N).
  • Sara did some banana suit tomahawking. Don’t ask me what that means.
  • Anna and Cassandra went to Death Valley and biked and flowers and low things and sea level and salt. I’m already tired of taking notes and it’s the first category.
  • CMC competition happened Saturday! Bates and Bowdoin were there and climbed some stuff. There were lots of people and normal amounts of hammocks and slack lines.
  • Emma, Brother Emma and Air Julia did not ski Tucks. They had no spikes. BUT there was lots of tree-hugging and lots of butt-sliding. So definitely a successful trip.
  • Wow that was a lot of things.


So many things we’re gonna do:

  • Logan wants to go up Saddleback and have a hot chocolate party. Let Logan know if you want to co-lead.
  • Abby and Joe are leading rafting sometime in the future!
  • Buck and Mo are leading a tumbledown trip on Saturday. Possibility of it being a Sasquatch hike, so if you’d like to meet a mythical creature, this is the chance of a lifetime.
  • Julia and Keenan want to reenact the movie Tumbledown sometime this weekend (maybe Sunday).
  • COC-CMC collaboration trip may happen, depending on how the feud goes.
  • Julia and Sam (myself!) will be leading a trip up BIG SPENCER MOUNTAIN within the next couple weeks. The main task of the trip will be to discover how large the mountain’s nose is. Spencer will not be allowed on the trip.
  • Spring Leader Training Trip is happening the weekend of April 30th-May 1st! Sign up here.
  • MLRC Green is Not White retreat this Sunday! We will be leaving campus around 11:30. Dad (Ryan) and his kids will be there! We will be back by 5 pm. YOU SHOULD GO ON THIS. Sign up here.
  • Anna is leading a bowdrill clinic on Wednesday from 7-8 pm! It’s gonna be awesome.


Best Bigelow Buddies Around:

  • Gear:
    • Meeting on wednesday, hopefully better than last week.
    • T-shirt designs have been sent in. Jeff(?) is cool. We will have t-shirts.
  • Events:
    • CCAK barbecue is coming up! The theme is Camp CCAK and they’re looking for people to lead outdoorsy activities. Hannah will send out a sign up sheet soon, so keep a lookout for it.
    • Adventure Race will happen next weekend! More info will be coming soon.
    • TGR movie contract is looking good; should be happening soon.
    • Social Justice Sunday is becoming COC Storytime!
  • Cabin:
    • Amy’s got nothing
  • Buck:
    • NAKED IN NATURE CONTEST IS UP. Prize is as of yet undecided.
    • Send more naked in nature photos to


Prez Stuff:

  • Logan and Spencer read their platforms for the presidency! You can vote here.

Well, that’s all I got folks. Hope you read this all in an Australian accent, or else you really missed the gist of it. But then again, none of us are perfect. Except Ryan. He’s perfect.