Well, it’s looking like spring. A warm forty degrees, t-shirts, large amounts of rain, Owens is here – all the natural signs. So get outside and enjoy that wonderful Maine sun. Here’s some stuff:


What we’ve been up to:

  • Buck had a hard time getting down. Mo forgot a map. She got the map and proceeded. Sasquatches were found at the great Tumbledown.
  • Julia hiked?
  • Tanner and Eli went to old orchard beach. They may have stood on boards in the water, was not confirmed.
  • Cat and Buck shredded some ice.
  • Green is Not White Retreat!
    • Anna went canoeing for the first time ever (this year) with wolf daddy and wolf offspring.
    • French Mountain and Mt Phillip were also explored.
    • Lots of great dialogue. Thanks to everyone who came!
    • “Great conversations about identity in the outdoors” –Abby
    • “There was some sick trivia” -Cassandra Biette
    • “I loved that game where you stand in a line” -Sara LoTemplio
  • OWENS WAS HERE (but was late).
    • Bought a bus, broke her foot, got a haircut, all the usuals.


Da Future

  • Julia and Sam are going to Big (Little?) Spencer Mountain from Saturday afternoon to Sunday!
  • Logan is going to Saddleback on Saturday.
  • Tumbledown Saturday!
  • Hannah Bossi and Cassandra are leading “something else”.
  • Lisa and Ryan are rolling in kayaks tomorrow from 7-9 pm.


Da Committees:

  • Gear: T-Shirts on their way. No Gear Meeting this week. Run for Gear Committee Head!
  • Trips: LTT: (4/30-5/1 LTT IS LIT)
  • Sugar: Pancake breakfast is coming…spooky.
  • Events: Sign up for ADVENTURE RACE.
    • Sign up for CCAK BBQ (Don’t do this if you have a mentee)


Other Cool Thing:

  • Venture Out is teaching a WFR course in NH (da 603) from 6/1 to 6/7. Focus on LGBTQ+ wilderness medicine issues.


Hot Seat:

  • Abby hot seated!
    • Answers: Loves MRRRNRRR. Perfectly understands the time-space continuum via Charlie and the chocolate factory. AI is lit. Doesn’t like cats or dogs. Does like Acadia. Still likes Acadia. Would like to be led by President Snow. Uses raven like a quill. Hillside Chillside.



  • Candidates for Treasurer:
    • Hannah Bossi
  • Candidates for Secretary:
    • Sam Krumholz (Fall 2016)
    • Keenan Boscoe (Spring 2016)
    • Julia Von Ehr (Spring 3016)
  • Voting can be done here.
  • Make sure to submit a platform for a Bigelow Buddy (gear, events, sugaring, cabin, trips) position by this Sunday if you’re interested!!!


That’s all I got for you, so I hope you didn’t want any more. Because I don’t have it. So go find it elsewhere. Go on, get outta here.