We getting close to the end of the year, which means it’s SEMI NICE OUT.  aka It’s time to get outside and pretend it’s seventy degrees, even when it’s actually forty-five!  Here’s what we got going on:


Recent Adventures:

  • Mo ‘Monique’ Legault went bouldering with Jack ‘Finch’ Lynch, Parky-Park ‘Park’ Park and Peej ‘Pearse’ Benson. It was in Bangor at a Boy Scout camp, apparently. Was tough, but Jack managed to find the rock.
  • Rugby team had an afternoon in the arb and there may or may not have been a bonfire. Jack Sears went for a swim.
  • Park, Lisa ‘Linda’ B-R, Chloe ‘Daphne’ Boehm and Sage ‘Anna’ Jordan attempted to go up Old Speck. Lots of ice, no spikes. Lisa and Sage went ‘swimming’. Not sure what that means.
  • Julia ‘Nelson’ Nelson, Air ‘Julia’ von Ehr, Keenan ‘Spikes’ Boscoe and 4 others took an aggressive NJ ‘Burb to Tumbledown and saw some state of water. Keenan did not get hypothermia.
  • APT 110 went stargazing and looked at the pink (for a little bit) moon. Ran into all 3 Bossis (a rare sight).
  • Amy ‘alotemps’ LoTemplio’ went outside A LOT. Went to Hume Center with some Twix. Brit ‘Fiddle’ Biddle jumped in. Also on Earth Day she went into the arb.
  • EnviroCo went to Dairy Cone. Julia N. got cookie dough. With sprinkles. A solid choice.
  • Cassandra ‘Those quotes on the quote board don’t represent me accurately’ Biette went to Acadia.


Stuff that’s gonna happen:

  • Polar Plunge at Hume Center Friday afternoon maybe?
  • Some trip may happen on Friday for those who usually have no class on Thursdays.
  • Cat ‘Dog’ McClure wants to lead a trip to some large mountain on Sunday, maybe one or more of the Bigelows. Amy wants to lead.
  • Keenan might want to lead a trip. Possibly Mo will lead with him.
  • Roll clinic tomorrow night 7-9 pm. Sign ups go live at 8 pm tonight.
  • Sara ‘Thesis’ LoTemplio wants to lead her FINAL trip this Sunday.
  • Logan ‘Bigelow’ Gillen will be leading a clinic on digital resources for trip planning this Thursday at office hours.
  • LTT is rumored to be defined as ‘lit’.
  • CABIN SHINDIG will happen next Sunday the 8th at 5pm!! Sign up HERE.


Buddies of the Bigelows:

  • Trips:
    • Nothing. Julia left when we called on her.
  • Gear:
    • Wednesday meeting 7 pm.
    • Gear donations! If you have extra gear in your room that you don’t use anymore, GIFT IT TO THE COC so others can use it and enjoy it!
  • Events:
    • Adventure race did not happen. Email Hannah ‘Slightly Taller’ Bossi if you haven’t signed up and want to. It will probably happen at some point in the future.
    • Colby Cares Day is this weekend! Sign up here. We also need 5 people to lead clinics there, so look out for an email with that form.
    • No events meeting this week.
    • Hardy Girls event this Tuesday 4-5:30 pm, setting up tents and such. Talk to Cassandra if you’re interested!
  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • Just finished final boiling.
    • If you worked for them at all, you’ll get some stuff! Hoorah!
  • Nudity:
    • Buck ‘Loudest Skier on the Mountain’ Auchincloss got a trophy for the future winner! Apparently it’s a perfect trophy. I really hope it doesn’t have any form of him naked as part of it.
    • At the next meeting, we will be voting for the best nudity!



  • Keenan likes this room and wants to make it better. He wants to get a crew together to TRANSFORM THE OFFICE. Talk to him if you want to help or if you like talking to Keenan.



  • We will be tabling soon to sell t-shirts, sugaring shirts, and hats, as well as receive gear donations. Keep an eye out for an email about that.


Other Things:

  • IF YOU WILL BE ON CAMPUS THIS SUMMER and are interested in helping us out by being either gear manager of cabin manager for the summer, LET K-COUNCIL KNOW ASAP. You will receive at least one donut. Actually, I can’t promise that.
  • Vote here for cabin manager.


Hope you all enjoyed reading the words I typed. If you didn’t, that pretty much negates my whole Monday afternoon, so please do. Have a wonderful week, and if you see a squirrel, feed it a cookie. If not for it, then for me.