Welcome back, outdoors-lovers!! Seeing all your lovely faces at the meeting warmed my heart and cooled my toes (still confused by the toe effect). If you’re new to reading my minutes, I apologize in advance. If you’re not new, well, it’s your fault that you clicked on the link. Suckers. Anyway, here’s what happened in a windowless room with many couches on a wonderful Sunday evening:



  • Chloe, Abby, Caroline, Maddy, Jamie, and Zane hiked a prezidENT. ‘Twas a lot of fun, they got to see a cabin. There was sweat, but unfortunately no tears. Too bad.
  • The weather app sucks, but Kaitlin and Brittany (plus others) managed to sweat a little bit on French Mountain. Toad urine (NOT FROG URINE) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jys_SuLW9Es) was spotted.
  • PJ went to his house with Spencer. Along with that, he and Dylan and others climbed some sick stuff at Mount Washington. No nudity was involved apparently, but I for one don’t believe it.
  • Maddy and Park and Logan and others summited THE BIG OLE KATAHDIN and Logan ate a WHOLE block of cheese. No updates yet on his digestive system.
  • Anna and Hannah and Amy and some others went to Maiden(s?) cliff(s?) and DID NOT go swimming. They played fantasy, in which someone presumably died.
  • Keenan went up Old Speck What the Heck and put cream cheese on another vehicle’s parts. Keller ate some pies.
  • Julia and Hannah others went to Grafton Notch and ate pie and went swimming. BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD STAPLES STAPLES STAPLES STAPLES. THE BIG 4 (blood sweat nudity tears for future notice) ALL HAPPENED.
  • Tanner Tucker Mickey Ian tkiff and Eric bouldered on boulders.
  • Stampy.
  • Jake and others paddled up a bloody river. Bowdoin got shown (showed?) up.
  • Amy B and Dalton and others did THE BIG OLE KATAHDIN. Fear was had.
  • Owens and some other unknown (or maybe known by some of y’all) people climbed at Precipice (in ACADIA) and CRUSHED and had fun.
  • Soren Austin Max Spencer Jeremy Maddy Martin Maeve Collette (and sorta Dylan) went up Mount Washington and it was pretty. No reports on whether they made it down. Nudity sweat blood and tears supposedly had, but I doubt it. Spencer is known to be a liar.



  • Park is doing some crazy 30 mile hike with SARA LOTEMPLIO (aka tied for best president ever) this weekend, let him know if you’re interested.
  • Hannah B and I and Michael Kramer and Stampy ‘Nat’ Joyce are going on the BEST TRIP IN THE WORLD which might be Katahdin but also might not but no matter what WILL BE THE BEST from a completely unbiased third-party observer.
  • Spencer is leading a biking trip to common ground fair Friday after (his) classes.
  • Volunteer at that there (Common Ground) fair, it’s fantastic.
  • Brittany and Chloe are heading to the Whites (Wildcat to Moriah), lengthy hike and tons of fun and 6(!) 4000 footers.
  • Acadia Sky Festival w/ Dylan and his +1 Lydia (DOUBLE DATE OPPORTUNITY). Let Dylan (djcincot@colby.edu) know if you’re interested in joining. p.s. Date not mandatory.
  • Mo wants to do a night hike sometime this week!
  • Sugarloaf Mountain Bike Festival (talk to Eli at ethansch@colby.edu if interested) is this weekend.
  • This Saturday, Grain Surfboards is having their Surf Revolutions party (movie premiere, food and beer, $15, many funs).
  • Look out for roll clinics at the pool.
  • Presi loop weekend before fall break? Maybe.



  • The first Leader Training Trip of the year will be September 30th-October 2nd (Mount Blue?). A survey will be coming out soon for those interested in getting trained to become a COC leader. If you have any questions, direct them to Owens (kowstrawi@colby.edu) and Brittany (btbossi@colby.edu).
  • If you have any other questions about become a leader, ask Owens or Brittany or a K Council member, or just come to office hours (Mon-Thurs 7-8pm)!



  • Leader Canoe Training trip (trailers and canoeing) will be run by Ryan Linehan 9-5 this Sunday, talk to K Council (preferably Logan at lmgillen@colby.edu) ASAP if interested. Spots are limited; must have had a driver’s license for three years to get trailer certified.


Bigelow Buddzz:

  • Just a reminder: office hours are 7-8 pm Mondays-Thursdays! Come to hang out or ask questions or do fun stuff or do homework or make voodoo dolls or whittle or play the bassoon or drive around in one of those yellow and orange play cars that kids have or sit and watch the wall. Also if anyone has one of those yellow and orange play cars that kids have please let me know.
  • Trips Facilitation:
    • If you’re a current leader or aspiring leader already on the outing-leaders list, check out the Leader Resources file that has been sent to you! It’s SICK.
  • Gear:
    • No membership fees.
    • Talk to Abby (asmullig@colby.edu) or Park (phcawley@colby.edu) if you need anything.
    • We’ve got so much stuff you can all use for free (originally while taking notes I just wrote ‘WE’VE GOT THE MEATS’ for this bullet. Took me a little bit to figure out what I meant)!
    • If you’re interested in being on gear committee, come to committee hours on Thursday 7-8 pm or just talk to the committee heads!
    • If you’re interested in construction, they want you.
    • Tent City Night: working with tents this Thursday 7-8pm.
  • Events:
    • Game night in two weekends?!?!$%!?//!
    • There will be a family hike in the arb the Sunday of Parents Weekend at 11 am. Show up your family with your superior walking abilities that you’ve learned in your time in the COC.
    • Family (COC) dinners every Sunday at 6 pm. All are welcome, as long as all are wearing fedoras.
    • Whittling will probably happen soon (GET PUMPED).
  • Sugaring:
      • Not yet, don’t get too excited


It appears that’s all I’ve got for you. If you haven’t quite had enough, just contact me (preferred method GroupMe direct message or Facetime Audio) and I’ll send you audio recordings of myself directly quoting Remember the Titans with pronunciation errors. However, if for some reason you’ve had enough, then I guess it’s goodbye for now. Have a fantastically fun but decidedly disciplined week.