Per popular demand, I have triumphantly returned to my post as sexcretary and your faithful minutes-creator. Immediately after the meeting last night, which pitted Julia and myself in a battle of the sexcretaries, I received news of many completely bipartisan polls that had me in a landslide. I tell you, these were the fairest of polls. So I have taken it upon myself to enact the wishes of the people and retake the minutes from my opponent. Anyway, here’s what I got:


The result of our Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays:

  • Thursday night, Park and Father Park went on a bonding trip to their ancestor Park, Acadia National Park. They biked on a carriage path, did some hiking, then came back to Colby. Sweat and good vibes were abound.
  • Saturday night, Michaela and Soren and Sam (me!) hiked French Mountain very late at night! Too dark to know whether nudity/sweat/tears/blood occurred, so we’ll assume they all did.
  • Tucker and Eric rowed Runnals. Still unsure what that means.
  • Keenan almost got outside with some old people. His new goal is to see how close he can get to going outside without actually getting out there.
  • People made a fire on Runnals Friday night. I was one of them. Anna “FireCat” Caughron made fire out of nothing, defying every law of science.
  • Owens is multifaceted. Went to Whites and made some did some business deals (seems shady). Went paddling with Lisa and Wolfdog and Small Wolfdog. Lot of fun. Lot of wet. Every two out of four peoples swam. Rad mushrooms. More puffballs. Sorry for the lack of full sentences; she said a lot of things.
  • PJ went to NH (home) and climbed Cathedral. Led his first trad 5/11. ALSO HE IS BEST FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE NAMED HOBO GREG.
  • Brittany and Hannah went kayaking. Brittany annoyed Hannah. Sometimes Brittany is my spirit animal.
  • Austin went canoeing with Logan and Anna and maybe others. Logan was mediocre.
  • Lydia and Dylan and Family Dylan went to Acadia and did not hike.


Near Future:

  • Fall Break is next weekend! We have some trips going out, but they’re all filled up already, sorry.
  • Everything else is too far away to plan. Planning is hard.


Far Future:

  • The next Leader Training Trip will be the weekend of November 4th-6th. Keep an eye out for more information.
  • A WFA (Wilderness First Aid) course will be held on campus on November 12th and 13th. Check out what kind of stuff you can learn here. YOU MUST HAVE WFA TO BECOME A COC LEADER. Sign ups will be coming out soon.
  • A WFR (Wilderness First Responder) will most likely take place on campus over Jan Plan Break and the following weekend (Jan 27th-31st and Feb 4th-5th). WFR is a step up from WFA and is described here. Keep an eye out for more info.
  • Proposals for Spring Break trips will be due mid-November! Spring Break trips are awesome. Check in with K-Council with any ideas or questions.
  • We’re working on making a Winter Training Weekend with Ryan Linehan (probably over Jan Plan)! Keep an eye out if you’re interested.


Committee People:

  • Trips:
    • Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Owens has decided to step down as Trips Facilitation Committee co-Head. She has done so many amazing things for the COC and will be dearly missed. If you have benefited from anything she’s done for the club (hint: you all have), give her a subtle but knowing head nod next time you see her. Or actually say thank you, but I think the head nod would be more meaningful.
    • On the bright side, the fantastic Anna Caughron will be stepping in as co-Head! She doesn’t like head nods though, so don’t confuse the two in your greetings of them.
    • Talk to Brittany and Anna if you want to be a leader!
  • Gear:
    • Tent puzzle fiasco party this Tuesday and Thursday 7-8 (PUZZLE PUZZLE PUZZLE)!
    • We got new microspikes! Or, as Park calls them, mini-crampons.
  • Events:
    • Fall Fest is coming up soon (October 22nd)! For those who have not been here for a Fall Fest, it’s basically a celebration of all things fall. Pretty self-explanatory. COC will be helping out by providing a hot chocolate making station and leading a walk in the arb. We need volunteers, so email Hannah Peters ( if you’re interested!
  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • It’s great.
    • Gonna buy some stuff.
    • Getting kicked out of boat room.



  • Maddy leader now.


Hope y’all aren’t stressing out too much over exams. Remember, the answer is usually c. If you’re writing an essay, don’t put too many exclamation points in it. A few should suffice. And when you finish a midterm, reward yourself with a few thousand french fries.

This has been “How to Survive Midterm Weeks” by Samuel ‘Meatball’ Krumholz. aDiEu.