New faces met old faces and old faces met new faces, and now all the faces know each other. For those who found that previous sentence confusing, essentially we had a bunch of lovely new peeps at the meeting this Sunday (hi friends!) and we did a name circle (again, whoop whoop).


Sam was (once again) absent from the meeting this weekend because apparently trips to go rock climbing with your sister in Colorado are more important than your duties as a sexcretary. Whatever, I’m over it.


  • Amy, Jake, Anna, and Don went to Vermont to get Sara from the mountains and bring her home. Sara was the president of the COC last year and she was working as a caretaker on the Long Trail this fall; she is now an expert in things like yelling aggressively about alpine vegetation and composting poop. We should all strive to be like Sara (literally y r u so cool? teach me ur ways).
  • The Bossis (Chloe included), Sam, and Abby went adventuring through New Hampshire and Vermont. They too tried to find Sara but they JUST missed her. Upon reaching the summit they saw her hiking away and called after her… but their efforts were futile. This, kids, is what we call a damn tragedy.
  • Duncan, Sage, Anna, Anna, Dalton, Will, Logan, and Rachel went paddling. They canoed up around Rangeley. There was blood, sweat, tears, and Logan got naked multiple times…by himself. Concerning.
  • Jake, Park, SJ, Sarah, Lisa, and WOLFDOG aka Ryan Linehan went to Big Eddy campground and did some fun white water paddling. There was no nudity but things were v wet (I still don’t think both of these phrases should’ve been stated in the same sentence but c’est la vie). The trip was UNREAL.
  • PJ, Mickey, Tevis, and Tanner “Jesus died for our sends” Boucher went on one of two Colby Mountaineering club trips. They went climbing in the whites in North Conway. There was learning, blood, sweat, maybe tears, and definitely lots of sending.
  • Lilli, Scott, Austin, Spencer, Fini, Julia (me!), and lots of other LOVELY folks went on the other CMC trip. We climbed in Acadia. There were sea cliffs, and slabs, and crack climbing, and panda and unicorn costumes, ’twas #illuminated.
  • Big Ronnie hiked the Bigelows over fall break (Logan got very excited when she said this and did a lil jig in his seat). There was FOR SURE blood, sweat, tears, and nudity 😉
  • Eli went to Nova Scotia, he found some good waves. The swell was swell.



  • Tanner hiked Tumbledown, he SAW SNOW WITH HIS OWN TWO EYES. He also (less excitingly) saw Park and Lisa and Lilli and her “pals”.
  • There was a frisbee tournament. The boys killed it. The girls beat Bowdoin. Rap battles to the death were had (ok maybe not to the death, but still).
  • Joe, Duncan, Logan and others went to Canadia where they got woody and muddy with some Canadians.
  • Julia (me again, how exciting!) and others went to Acadia on Saturday will BILL our ecology professor *starts chanting Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill from Bill Nye theme song* where Bill spewed straight knowledge about e-co-lo-gies.



  • Keenan wants to lead a trip…more info TBA.
  • There will be a roll clinic this Wednesday in da pool.
  • This Saturday the cross country team will be having NESCACs at Quarry Road, come cheer on and wear costumes (Bates definitely won’t be wearing costumes)
  • Sunday River will be opening this Friday or Saturday. “How cool will it be to ski all morning and then get glittered by Kesha all night?!?!?” – Spencer Martin



  • Our next Leader Training Trip will be held November 4th – 6th.
  • WFA (another necessary part of the leader process) will be happening on the 12th and 13th. If you plan on becoming a COC leader talk to K-council or Trips Committee about how to do WFA totally for FREE.
  • Thanksgiving Break Trip: lead by Fini, and Greyson. They will go to the Maine Huts and Trails hut in the Bigelows, it will involve day hiking, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and then going to Boston and doing the Freedom Trail. This trip is geared towards people who can’t go home for Thanksgiving but all are welcome, woooooo!
  • WFR will be held over Jan Plan break.



Want to lead trips outside for a job? whaaaaat? more deets below:

  • Overland Summers will be having an info session on Monday (tonight) at 7PM in Diamond 223
  • Apogee Adventures will be having an info session on Tuesday at 7PM in Diamond 221
  • Wilderness Adventures will be having an info session on Thursday at 7PM in Diamond 123
  • Keystone Science School will be here on either Thursday evening or Friday afternoon, more info TBA.



  • Gear:
    • Abby wants you to do tent puzzles with her. RETURN YOUR GEAR FROM FALL BREAK.
    • Office Hours: Thursdays from 7-8, be there or be square.


  • Trips:
    • Office hours will be on Tuesdays from 7-8, come hang.
    • This week is the final week for LTT sign ups.


  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • this week they’ll be going to get some wood at the sugarbush, yay.


  • Events/ Community Outreach:
    • Fall fest was NOT a success because stoves are dangerous indoors and there was rain, BUT we have loads of hot chocolate now and will probably be doing an event soon with all that delicious chocolatey goodness.
    • Meetings are in Foss at 6:30 on Thursdays.


Spencer is literally always alone.


Warm fuzzies were had, but I was too busy partaking in said warm fuzzies to write them down. I am sorry, I have failed you as a scribe. On that note…goodbye, my loyal subjects, until the next time Sam isn’t here.

– Julia