Well, it was certainly an eventful weekend. I learned only two years after the re$t of the country that Kesha no longer uses a dollar sign in her name, making many of my prior emails moot. Feel free to disregard any prior email with a dollar sign in it. My emails will now be (relatively) dollar sign free to prove my newfound ability to keep up with current events. Anyway, here’s what happened the night after a literal mob tried to force itself through two small doors for two straight hours:


The events that done happened:

  • Buck ‘Doc’ Auchincloss and Ryan ‘Roger’ Clemens and Sophie ‘Mary’ Janeway and Spencer ‘Wal’ Martin went to Sugarloaf and ran into Logan ‘Sea’ Gillen and company at some point and they hiked/skinned up and apparently skied down. I assume by this that there was snow, but it has not been confirmed.
  • Logan went to Sugarloaf with Andrew ‘Sweet ‘n’ Sauer instead of doing work and pushed bikes up then biked down. This sounds scary. Good job Logan and Andrew.
  • Frisbee team went to Clambake and slept outdoors in tents, which amazingly was one of the most outdoorsy things that happened this weekend.
  • A lot of cool CMC people want to Evo Climbing Gym in Portland friday night for Costumed Climbing Night. Shoutout to Maddy ‘Wendell’ Wendell for putting it all together.
  • Park ‘Roll’ Cawley beat some young children at a relay race, then lost to people more his age. But he wore a taco costume so he won in spirit.
  • Keenan ‘#1’ Boscoe and Amy ‘Atom’ Andreini led a trip and did a lot of pumpkin and apple things because it’s fall. No one on the trip was at the meeting so that’s all I got.
  • NESCACS were this weekend and some people went to it.
  • Julia ‘Vince’ von Ehr ran the Freaky 5K with famous alum Cassandra ‘Let it’ Biette and speedy Adrienne ‘Race’ Carmack and presumably finished it.

All these things for us to do:

  • Hannah ‘Undercover’ Bossi and Harry ‘Roll Down the’ Hill are probably gonna lead a trip.
  • XC skiing clinic will be led by Logan in a couple weeks (w/ Max ‘Honest’ Abramson too).
  • Whittling Wednesday will be someday this week from 7-8 pm in the COC office, not sure which day yet.
    • Just kidding it’s gonna be Wednesday and it’s gonna be LIT.

Big Picture Stuff:

  • LTT (Leader Training Trip) is next weekend! If you are signed up you will be going. If you are not signed up don’t go.
    • If you need to make or update your leader profile, talk to Anna ‘Apple’ Caughron and Brittany ‘What a’ Bossi ASAP.
  • WFA (Wilderness First Aid) is the weekend after! It’s all filled up, so sorry.
  • WFR (Wilderness First Responder) will take place over Jan Plan Break if there is sufficient interest, so fill out the form on Spencer’s email if you’re interested. Here’s a link to a description of the course: https://www.wildmed.com/wilderness-medical-courses/first-response/wilderness-first-responder/.
  • If you see a dog, contact Rachel ‘Is That a Plane Is That a Superman No It’s’ Bird.
  • They’re making mountain biking trails behind Inland Hospital so we’re hoping to do some volunteer trailwork, keep an eye out for emails.
  • Ron Tipton will be in Diamond 122 at 4:30 on Tuesday! He is a cool person and has done very well. Come see him. There will also be refreshments. He’s checking out Colby as the site for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Conference, which is a super big deal, so that’s cool.
  • Cocsgiving: COC+Thanksgiving. Be on the lookout.
  • Thanksgiving trip: led by Fini ‘Ad’ Just and Greyson ‘Geoffrey the’ Butler. Two days in the Bigelows at Stratton Brook Hut. Might be snowshoeing.  Heated; full kitchen. Thanksgiving dinner. Short sentences. Boston at Greyson’s house. Signups close tonight (Monday) at midnight.
  • December 1st (Thursday) at 8 o’clock, Colby Free Ride is bringing TGR’s new movie (http://www.tetongravity.com/films/tight-loose) to Colby. The event will take place in LoPo or Bobby Silberman Lounge, depending on how old/cool you are.
    • Clarification: this event is not taking place in two different places based on your oldness/coolness. LoPo and Bobby Silberman are the same place.

Messages from those that are buddies upon the Bigelows:

  • Gear:
    • We just ordered 17 new pairs of ice skates, so get on them blades.
    • Still finishing up tents. Should be done within next few weeks/never.
    • Should be getting back to gear purchases soon.
    •  Gear Committee office hours are Tuesday and Thursday nights 7-8 pm!
  • Events:
    • This Friday at 11 am outside the spa we’ll be making hot chocolate on whisperlites and pocket rockets. Hot chocolate, camaraderie, music from Rachel’s phone, etc.
    • Contradance on the 12th (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 7:30-9:30 pm in Foss. If you aren’t excited you are clueless. Get excited.
    • COC is partnering up with Bridge and Feminist Alliance to bring Perry Cohen (http://www.ventureoutproject.com/) to campus on November 14th and 15th! The 14th will be a talk about his life and the 15th will be a workshop.
  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • Many buckets have been washed.
    • Wood will be moved on Thursday. Logan will be doing manual labor so anyone wants to watch that just put a GPS tracker on him.

Hot Seat:

  • Rachel is leader!!


I would be remiss if I did not mention the birthday of one Julia von Ehr, the honorable sexcretary to the sexcretary. May she one day be her own sexcretary, but for today, she will just be twenty years old. To wish her a happy birthday, she has requested apples to be thrown at her from across dining halls. So, if you see her at dinner, arm yourself and fire away. Feel free to continue this after her birthday ends, she likes to feel like it’s her birthday every day.