I’m gonna say this now, I’m gonna say it at the bottom of this, and I probably already said it in the email even though I haven’t written it yet: VOTE. No matter who you’re voting for. Please vote.

Anyway, we had an even more important vote in the meeting last night, so read on to get the results of that:


Oh, the places we’ve gone:

  • Matt and Soren and Ella and plenty of other young faces went on the Leader Training Trip (LTT (LIT)) and did some hiking the first day and more hiking on the second day. They also got lost driving up a mountain road, which seems hard to do. “Everything just sort of happened” – Matt
  • Harry and Hannah and others went for a long walk on the beach. The trip checklist was completed as all four necessities (blood sweat tears nudity (b/s/t/n)) occurred, dispersed across the group. Tears and blood were the same, apparently. Nat flashed an innocent family. Not clear if any hiking actually occurred. “You think you’re hiking, there’s a mountain, then there’s a beach” – Harry
  • Face Growler (Grace Fowler (Gwace Frowler)) hiked Tumbledown for the first time ever! No blood, some sweat, yes snow.
  • Tanner and Logan (Logan Gillen (el prez)) and Dylan and PJ went climbing at Clifton. It was very adventurous. There may have been rappelling incidents.
  • Dylan rappelled down everything (Woodman staircase, Diamond staircase, Diamond atrium (okay, not everything)).
  • Park and Lisa went backpacking in Grafton Notch! Bernie Sanders (okay, actually a Canadian (but probably Bernie)) picked them up and brought them to their car.
  • Spencer and Max and Maddy took wood to the COC cabin (I have nothing to put in these parentheses (sorry)). No tears, minimal sweat, no nudity, Max bled a little bit.


Oh, the places we have yet to go:

  • Rachel wants to lead a (beginner (lunch-focused)) trip this Sunday. Beginner, short duration, nearby, lunch.
  • Julia doesn’t want to lead a trip this weekend (not sure why (probably too cool)), but Eliza Adams wants to lead a Roundtop hike with Olivia!
  • Sam Krumholz (me (Meatball)) will be leading a trip to Ragged Mountain with Julia Nelson this Sunday! We would love to have someone shadow it so let one of us know if interested.
  • Mo wants to hike along the Messalonskee on Friday (day before Saturday (day before Sunday)) afternoon.
  • Logan wants to get outside on Saturday at 2 pm (someone go with him (Logan)).


Caramel vs. Caramel:



  • If you like tacos, sorry. None here. Cocsgiving (COC + Thanksgiving (food with the COC)) dinner on Saturday the 19th. We will prepare food and eat food. We will also be having a spirited debate on the theory of evolution as it pertains to turkeys.
  • Take WFR (Wilderness First Responder (Course on the Theory of Evolution as it Pertains to Turkeys)) over JanPlan break! Here is the form and here is some more info.



  • Trips (TFC (Trips Facilitation Committee)):
    • Office hours Tuesday 7-8 pm.
    • Spring Break proposals due November 10th! Get ’em in.
  • Gear (Gear (Gear)):
    • They do awesome things each week, according to them and others!
    • They finished inventorying the snowshoes and microspikes, which is exciting because WINTER IS COMING.
    • If anyone’s excited about gear, come to meetings Tuesday and Thursday night 7-8 pm in the COC office.
    • If you like building things, come break things and then build them!
    • Start thinking about designs for COC t-shirt!
  • Events (things that happen (there’s no possible need for a second parentheses here)):
    • Awesome hot chocolate event happened thanks to Events Committee + Max.
    • We’re co-hosting a skating event with Skate Club! There will be hot chocolate. Hot chocoskate.
    • There’s a contradance this Saturday from 7:30-9:30!!!! If you want to help buy snacks, talk to Rachel Bird or Hannah Peters. If you want to come to the contradance, come to it.
    • WHITTLING will be happening this Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:30 in the COC office. NOTE THE TIME CHANGE. This is so that people can go to the Mental Health Dialogues event at 7:30.
  • Cabin/Sugaring (Sugaring/Cabin (Cagaring)):
    • Look out for an email about moderate to severe physical labor. Yay wood stacking.


These minutes have been brought to you by Double Parentheses (Bringing Unnecessary Clarification to Your Everyday Sentences (this is the slogan for Double Parentheses)). I sincerely hope you enjoyed them. Now, get out and vote. And if you’ve already voted, go get yourself some curly fries. You deserve them. And go get some for me too. I don’t deserve them, but I want them. Thanks.