Well team, it’s getting to be that time of year again. The time of year when Mother Nature confuses us with beautiful 55 degree days and then ambushes us with hail and freezing wind when we least expect it (the week before finals). The smell of dead leaves is in the air and the taste of turkey is in the Dana burgers. And with this wonderful time comes the last few weekends before we must break out the snowshoes and snowpants and snowshirts. So let us take great advantage of our unburdened shoes, pants, and shirts. Here’s what’s up:


What’s going on in the past dimension:

  • Hannah ‘Cranberry Sauce’ Peters went to French Mountain and Mount Philips with her aunt. Beautiful views, beautiful day, beautiful life.
  • Keenan ‘Stuffing’ Boscoe and Anna ‘Sage’ Jordan and Cranberry Sauce led a walk in the arb with the Colby Feminist Alliance and made new friends!
  • Caroline ‘Green Beans’ Webb and Sam ‘I’m not giving myself a nickname’ Krumholz and Julia ‘Slice of Turkey’ Nelson and Catharine ‘Mashed Potatoes’ Christie and many other cool people hiked Ragged Mountain! There was no blood/sweat/tears/nudity, but my knee hurt a little bit.
  • Sophie ‘Table’ Janeway and Hannah ‘Pecan Pie’ Bossi hiked French Mountain and the sunset was extraordinary. Lighting on the trees was magical. Everything was magnificent.
  • Rachel ‘Turkey Before it Gets Killed’ Bird and Michael ‘Kitchen’ Kramer hiked up the wrong Bald Mountain. Trippers were troopers. Michael almost lost his phone. Moon was huge, but not as big as a moose.
  • A bunch of people went outside and pretended to die a lot. ‘Bloody’ – Natalie ‘The Oven’s on Fire’ Joyce. ‘Death’ – someone else. 
    • To clarify, they took a Wilderness First Aid course, in which almost no real death or blood takes place.
  • CONTRADANCE happened. Many people followed directions exquisitely. Some people followed directions adequately. All people danced. Thanks to Anna ‘Door Closest to the Table’ Caughron for setting it up.
  • Cassandra ‘Chair That Used to be At the Head of the Table But No Longer is At the Table’ Biette watched the sunrise on Ferry Beach. For those who don’t know Chair That Used to be At the Head of the Table But No Longer is At the Table, she is a freshman of the real world.
  • There was a frisbee tournament on Saturday and the Dazzlin’ Asses (Colby’s team) came in third overall and first out of all college teams!
  • Rugby had a Nationals game on Saturday! Unfortunately they lost but it was a great game and an awesome season.
  • Logan ‘Two Slices of Turkey’ Gillen went on a trail run with a few people who would get mentioned except I don’t have enough nicknames.



  • Logan and someone else and Max ‘Fork’ Abramson want to lead a trip to Mount Kineo. A boat may be involved.
  • Amy ‘Wall #1’ Andreini wants to lead a moderate trip and is looking for a co-lead for Saturday.
  • Nathaniel ‘Wall #2’ Rees and Catharine may lead a trip to Cadillac on Saturday!
  • Sophie and Chloe ‘Vegetarian Gravy’ Boehm are leading a hike next Saturday. Will be moderate to difficult.
  • At 1 pm on Saturday, there’s a dog convention in Portland! Looks to be the greatest thing that has ever happened.
  • On Sunday, Kaitlin ‘Turducken’ wants to go to a fort.
    • On a side note, my computer has decided ‘turducken’ is actually a word in the English language.
  • Maddy ‘Wall #3’ wants to lead a day trip next weekend.
  • Nat and I are planning a trip that should include an island and probably the dog convention.


BBQ vs. Sour Cream and Onion:

  • BBQ 21 vs Sour Cream and Onion 26 vs Cajun Squirrel 1.
    • On another side note, you all have terrible taste.



  • COCsgiving (COC + Thanksgiving) is this Saturday! Make sure to fill out check out the email from Hannah Peters for more info and fill out the form so we know how many people are coming!


Committee Updates:

  • Trips:
    • Office hours Tuesday 7-8 pm.
    • Those who just took WFA (or went on the LTT) should update their leader profile!
    • If you’re looking for a shadow, make sure to reach out to leaders!
  • Gear:
    • Office hours Tuesday and Thursday 7-8 pm.
    • They’re done inventorying things!
    • Come help us tidy up the gear room on Friday! More info on the way for that.
  • Events:
    • Contradance was lit.
    • Today and tomorrow Perry Cohen will be here! Here‘s some more info on what he does.
      • He will be giving a talk from 7-8:30 tonight in Page!
      • There will also be a more interactive workshop from 2-5 in Page tomorrow afternoon.
    • Whittling is still here and better than sometimes! We got more wood so come on down and hit things with knives.
  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • 2:30 pm wood stacking on Friday afternoon!


Open Committee Seats:

  • Three Committee Head seats are opening up for the spring: Sugaring, Trips Facilitation, and Community Outreach.
  • Platforms are due by the meeting this Sunday if you’re planning to run for any of these positions. Anyone can run!
  • Let K-Council know if you’re interested or have any questions.


I hope you all learned a lot from these minutes, but if you come away with only one thing, let it be this: you need to rethink your taste in potato chips. You can pretty much forget everything else you just learned. Anyway, have a wonderful week and an even better decade. You’re all fantastic people and I’m honored to write the words that you read. Keep on rising, y’all. But never steeply.