The last time Sam missed a meeting he said he was going to be here for every meeting until the end of the semester (lies). Since he is a liar, I’ve been bestowed (once again) with the task of doing the minutes. I hope these minutes are everything you wanted, everything you didn’t want, and much, much more. Lastly, in the wise words of Albus Dumbledore, “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”:


Into the Pensieve (aka the past):

  • Olivia, Reesy Peesy, Catharine, and others went to the 100 year old Acadia National Park to hike the Beehive (buzzzzz). Olivia taught everyone how to do Soulja Boy on the summit (it was DOPE). Olivia just got up during the meeting to show off her dance moves; she really can do the Soulja boy dance, ladies and gents, this is not a joke, this kid has got some moves.
  • Scott “Scooby Doo” Batchelder, Logan, Amy, Max, Jeremy, Charles, Matt Johnson from Johnson, and co. went to Big Moose Mountain and saw 0 moose, I’m really disappointed in y’all. Although they did get donuts at a bakery so it’s a win-lose.
  • Keller and his uncle went to Andover for some hunting. Talks about hunting ensued (something about points and whatnot, idk)
  • Tanner, Eli, and PJ went to…you guessed it, PJ’S HOUSE. They climbed in North Conway, Tanner slept on a window sill. much send.
  • Hannah, Sage, and Ella went hiking in Camden (Mount Battie).
  • Nat led a trip that was meant to go to Mount Blue but ended up at Sugarloaf somehow (SERIOUSLY WUT). Some falling occurred. Much TBSing (tactical butt sliding) was utilized.
  • Kaitlin brought a carload of boys to the cabin, they took the dock out of the water. THANK YOU KAITLIN AND CAR LOAD OF BOYS. YOU ARE RAD.
  • Amy Lo and friends hiked Mount Megunticook.
  • Maddy and Martin and trippers also hiked Mount Megunticook.
  • Sam Wells and friends also ALSO hiked Mount Megunticook.
  • THEY ALL SAW EACH OTHER ON MOUNT MEGUNTICOOK. What are the odds? seriously…
  • WHAT
  • ARE
  • THE
  • ODDS?


What the Prophecy foretold (aka the future): 

  • Fini and Greyson (and Greyson’s adorable cat) are gonna lead a super fun Thanksgiving break trip.
  • Karlene the Dean (that has a nice ring to it) is organizing some great FREE opportunities to get ski lessons over jan plan (more on this later)


Pecan vs. Pecan: 

This poll was brought to you by Abby Mulligan’s amazing pecan pie baking skills.

  • Pecan as pronounced pee-can (like urine + a container for beverages): 20
  • Pecan as pronounced pe-khan (like Ghengis Khan): 18
  • Sherbet Lemon as pronounced sherbet lemon (like a muggle sweet I’m rather fond of): 1



  • Trips
    • update your leader profiles if you took WFA or went on LTT
  • Gear
    • Spencer and Logan are building some shelving
    • We got hiking boots (so many boots)
    • Park threw shade at Eli
  • Events
    • they are putting together a calendar of fun jan plan events (like movie nights, and game nights)
  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • wood was collected and stacked
    • yay FIRE


Open Committee Positions:

  • Martin read his platform for sugaring committee (did you know Vermonters don’t have blood, but straight maple syrup running through their veins?!? fascinating)
  • Since no one else has applied for any committee positions we will be accepting platforms until this Wednesday!
    • we currently have openings for Events/Community Outreach, and Trips Facilitation


Hot Seat:

Julia “has a really cool name” Nelson: Dana, dogs, Spencer, sofas, sitting on the toilet, flavor blasted, left, when does he work out?, cranberry juice, double fisting is better, foss


Warmest of Fuzzies: 

Everyone who took out the dock, Greyson’s cat, all of Nat’s trippers for hiking up sugar loaf, Nat for falling down sugarloaf, Julia for hot seating, all the underclassmen at COCsgiving, Park’s first year friends, Harry for his chats with Spencer, everyone who jumped in the lake, Logan for doing pull ups, PJ and Tanner for taking Eli climbing, everyone who sent Mo snaps, gear committee, Maddy for co leading with Martin, Park for being Park, PJ because he is PJ, Sam, Hannah, and half of Logan, cat harnesses??, everyone who took the dock out, people who brought food to COCsgiving, Park and Abby for putting up with surf club, Sage just cuz, Chris for helping Spencer with comp sci, Logan and Harry for not wasting chicken, Abby’s pecan pie, Spencer and Logan for help with the printer, the LoTemplio family, people who took free gear (ps keep taking free gear)


To all my friends, family, and enemies,

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break. Catch up on sleep, eat some food, get outside, pet a dog, smile. I’m thankful for each and every one of you, faithful minutes readers (even you, Sam).

With a love powerful enough to vanquish the Dark Lord,