On the eve of Snowpocalypse 2k17 the ever faithful members of the Colby Outing Club met once more to discuss outdoor adventures past, present, and future…here’s what they discussed:



  • people went to watch movies at BANFF, it was lit, supposedly.
  • Ryan had a lovely, meditative solo ski on Saturday.
  • Harry, Max, Soren, Fini, and others put big things on their feet and walked around in the snow. They initially wanted to go to Blue Hill (but that backfired), so then they went to the Mountain (and that backfired too), so then they snowshoed along the Messalonskee Stream Trail. Then their car got stuck in the parking lot for 45 minutes (car related tears were shed).
  • Park and Lisa went tele skiing, it was the first time since Parky Park’s hip dislocation!!! He posted a #adorbs insta (follow @parkcawley on the gram).
  • Maddy, Max, Caroline, and Erin went adventure XC skiing, which I think is like regular XC skiing but with extra sending.
  • Maddy, Arunika, and Jason went spontaneous snowshoeing in the arb. They also went on the Posse Plus Retreat!!
  • Maddy took me XC skiing for the first time this Friday. She said, and I quote, “You are quite possibly the worst cross country skier I have ever met.”
  • Also, side note, it looks like Maddy got outside A LOT this week (go Maddy)!



  • that is all…



  • Maxwell “Silver Hammer” Abramson and Maddy “Miracle Whip” Wendell will be leading a cross country skiing trip this weekend for beginners!!! YAY


Samwise’s Weekly Poll* 

4 vs. 5: 15 for 4 and 6 for 5

*let it be known that everyone thought this was a stupid poll question



  • Trips:
    • office hours on Monday’s from 7-8
  • Sugaring:
    • new email chain (ask rclemens@colby.edu or mdeutsch@colby.edu for more info)
    • get psyched to shovel some snow



  • Max ran unopposed for the new events chair…we think his chances are great!


Hot Seat (aka new leaderz):

  • Michael: davis, 10 feet underneath the ground a few feet from decoy dead dog in the arboretum but I wouldn’t kill it, pepsi, couch, degrade, both, arm wrestling no real wrestling yes, fold, because this one is empty, this is cheer wine
  • Max: maximilien robespierre, print?, diner swanky, prince ali, I don’t have good names the one from where I live, chartreuse, three, back of my head, I’m going with three again, 3 8 or 91, I voted for 91, ariel, davis



I’d like to thank the universe for making snow. Sincerely,