Hey! You there. We like going outside. I hope you do too. Come read about our adventures!


El Pasado: 

  • Maxwell, Scott, Soren, Caroline, Maddy, and “you don’t have to list all the others” went to Quarry Road and learned to Cross Country Ski (they had an eXCellent time).
  • Max went to go ski again. He got in his car drove his car back and forth in his parking spot, accepted defeat, wished for snow tires, and walked back inside. Max’s struggle was shared by many this past week (RIP to all the cars with no 4 wheel drive)
  • During the snowstorm Ryan (not Wolfdog) and Sam went romping in the snow around Foss. Long story short…there was a lot of snow. The lesson here, kids, is to have a snow shovel with you at ALL TIMES.
  • Soren, Logan, Sam, Austin, and others went up Burnt Mountain/ Burnt cHill. Here are some words to describe the adventure: windy, lunch, yummy, snowball, fight, burnt
  • Game night was fire. Max brought “Resistance” and no one could resist how fun it was.
  • Ryan, Sawyer, and Kestrel Linehan (with some small additional input from Spencer) led a tele skiing clinic on Saturday night at Titcomb (hey, don’t laugh) Mountain last night. Titcomb Mountain has once been described as “400 feet of vertical dank”. There were rope tows, t-bars, and only one instance with Ski Patrol but we DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT.
  • During the snowstorm snow day  Matt and many others did some very essential walking around in the tundra. Matt, however, did not walk in a buddy pair so he is being expelled effective immediately.


El Futuro:

  • Lilli really really really really wants to go to the Maine Huts and Trails.
  • Logan wants to go somewhere and do something over 4,000 feet in elevation (yes this is super informative)
  • Max wants to lead XC ski clinic 2.0 at Quarry Road.


Weekly poll:

What’s up with the word Bi-weekly?

  • Bi-weekly (as in twice per week): 4 votes
  • Bi-weekly (as in once every two weeks): 17 votes

RESULTS: EVERYONE LOSES…Biweekly technically means both twice per week and once every two weeks (definition).

So in conclusion…the English language is freaking weird.



  • Gear:
    • Still doing renovations to the gear room (meetings biweekly hehe)
    • Meetings are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8
  • Trips:
    • Monday night office hours
    • Talk to Brittany Bossi or Samwise Gamgee Krumholz if you wanna be a leader
    • Spring WFA is approaching…keep your eyes peeled for emails
  • Events:
    • MAX ABRAMSON is the new co-head/cohort of events
    • He won by one vote in a tightly contested unopposed election
  • Sugaring:
    • because of climate change we can tap really really really really soon
    • and that means emails will be coming in the pretty immediate future
    • Sugaring meetings at 7:35 on Sundays


We’re Soren, flying (Soren became a leader today!!):

  • just the plain one because its cheapest and I’m a cheapskate, I’m soaring, cuz we haven’t tapped the trees yet, two, water, jumping, jumping, jumping, chillside


It has (once again) been my pleasure to do these minutes in lieu of my homework. I’d like to earnestly thank you, dear reader, for keeping up with this weekly forum for the past few weeks. So ta ta for now and I’ll see you again soon!

Your sexcretary who is freaking out because she just realized March is in a week,

Julia von Scare