Today I realized that I can add gifs to this blog post. SO GUESS WHO IS ADDING GIFS TO THIS BLOG POST? (Me). Also if you pronounce gif “jif” you can just leave now.

No wait, come back, I’m kidding….read my minutes:


If you operate under the assumption that time is linear, these trips happened in the past:

  • Soren and others went on a grand adventure to Caribou Pond/Valley (not sure which, it was lost in translation) Road, they put things on their feet and skied to South Crocker Mountain, then they put other things on their feet and hiked up the mountain. Apparently Soren almost took out Jared’s eye; on behalf of the entire outing club I’d like to tell Soren to not do that again, please.
  • The legendary Sophie Janeway and I took 30 people to Sunday River on Saturday. The conditions were spring skiing meets horror movie fog (aka wet and low visibility) but so many people took lessons and learned to ski!!!!! Also the alpine team had their last race of the season.
  • Samwise “Meatball” Krumholz found a meatball truck but the meatballs were expensive and he left in a huff.


These things may be happening in the “future”, whatever that means:

  • Sam is leading a day hike next weekend.
  • Michael may be doing something this weekend, he was very unclear.
  • Logan wants to do something hard this weekend. That is all.
  • The CMC-COC co-sponsored Katahdin trip will be in two weekends (aka Doghead) it will be led by Owens and someone else (maybe me?!?!)
  • Kayak ROOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL CLLLLLLLLIIIIINNNNNNIIIIICCCCCSSSS with the notorious LBR will begin on Monday, March 6th from 7:30 – 9:30.


Dialogue Trips/ Green is not white:

  • Dialogue trips 2.0 are happening
  • They will be in April (weekends TBD)
  • There will be a weekend of hikes and a retreat at the Maine Lakes Resource Center


Front Wheel vs. Back Wheel:

  • Front Wheel: 8
  • Back Wheel: 12
  • Yes I am equally as confused. Don’t get mad at me I just write down what happens.


WE HAVE A NEW TRIP WAIVER. WOOT WOOT. (Hopefully it will be online soon too, fingers crossed).



  • GEAR:
    • there’s new shelving in the gear room
    • as per usual there will be biweekly office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8
  • TRIPS:
    • Office hours from 7-8 on Mondays
    • Trees were tapped on Sunday
    • Ryan reports that the trees were happy to see them and equally as happy to be stabbed repeatedly with spiles
    • If you want to plan an event contact Maxwell Abramson


Speaking of the events committee…

  • It looks like Rachel Bird put a Defense Against Dark Arts position-like curse on the Events Committee Chair before going abroad because for the third time this year there is an opening for this spot
  • Applicants who:
    • are harboring the Dark Lord on the back of their head
    • are named Gilderoy Lockhart
    • are impersonating the auror Mad-Eye Moody
    • are the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic
    • are known Death Eaters
  • EVERYONE ELSE: Send your platform to before next Sunday’s meeting.



  • we are making new COC T-shirts
  • enter a design for a chance to win $50
  • also then we all get to wear your design on our bodies


ADVENTURE FIRST. SAFETY IS A CLOSE SECOND (jk safety is first always)

  • the weather has been weird
  • the ice is melty
  • don’t fall through the ice
  • remember, kids, anthropogenic climate change is real, the earth is dying, stay woke

(don’t be this penguin)


TOASTY CHAIR (Sam became a leader!):

  • coconut oil, bowline, times new roman, don’t cock block road head, ringo, all the best, no preference, syrup, Williams third floor, the ground, a whole salmon.


I’d like to end these minutes with shoutouts to two stellar people:

1. To Nat, we’re gonna miss you, thanks for all the goofy enthusiasm you bring to the COC.

2. We’d like to wish Momma Bossi the happiest of birthdays. Only someone really really rad could keep both Bossis from coming to the COC meeting.

Anyways, here’s a gif of a puppy to brighten your Monday evening.

– Julia