Welcome back my outing peeps! With spring break behind us we have 4 short weekends of outdoors goodness ahead of us before the end of the year, and you can bet yer butt that these weekends will be filled with maximum send. Buckle up, my friends, because these minutes are jam packed with information on upcoming events:


Yesterday (all my troubles seemed so far away):

  • SPRANG BREAK FUN: Maddy + Amy led a COC trip to Bryce, Zion, and the Grand Canyon, they liked Bryce the most most, their favorite meal was “some interesting pancakes”, there was also thunder and lightning
  • SPEAKING OF THUNDER AND LIGHTNING: Abby and I led a COC trip to Point Reyes National Seashore in California it rained and stormed a lot but overall it was amazing and beautiful.
  • RED RIVER GORGEOUS: Logan and others went on a CMC trip (*gasp*) to Kentucky where they ate Miguel’s Pizza and Chipotle, drank Ale 8s, and got sendy in the sport climbing hub of Murica.
  • A B C D E F G H I J-TREE: Fini, Austin, Peejay, and others went to Joshua Tree in California and did some tRAD climbing. “It was very dirty and fun”
  • MICHAEL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA: He was lookin’ for a soul to steal. He rowed some boats with the crew team.
  • HANNAH FREAKING PETERS: came back from UMO to tell us about her National Park touring spring break trip to New Mexico
  • R.I.P. TO LAURA’S CAR: Lilli, Laura, and Katie went backpacking in the great smoky mountains and unfortunately Laura’s car died. PSA the great smoky mountains are prettier in the summer, according to Lilli.
  • HIGH TIDE: Scott drove to one of the Carolinas (I can’t remember which) to play some frizzzbeee. The women came in 3rd place. The men did not.
  • WOLFDOG AND POW: the perfect spring break trip. Ryan Linehan took Lisa and others to Canada and they shredded the gnar.
  • SPENCER: did nothing of importance.
  • THE END OF BIKEBERNATION: Jared took his road bike out of winter bike hibernation and went on joyous spring ride


  • This past weekend Soren, Max, Austin, and others (but not Caroline because she slept through it) drove to upside down Vermont (aka New Hampshire) and went up Mount Waumbek.
  • Logan went splitboarding down Runnals…the only thing of importance in this story is that Wolfdog has a splitboard in his office that YOU can borrow.


Tomorrow (now it looks as if they’re here to stay):

  • Lilli and Keller are gonna lead a day hike this weekend
  • Logan wants to go canoeing sooooooooooooooon so keep yer eyes peeled fer a canoe trip in the near future
  • Dartmouth invited us to Riverfest  on the weekend of April 21st-23rd there will be a white water race (class 4) amongst other paddle related things. Contact Lisa (ldblackm@colby.edu) for more info!


Poll – Narrow or wide mouthed Nalgene:

  • Narrow: 3 (heathens)
  • Wide: I lost track but it was the overwhelming majority of people in the room (I think about 3 people didn’t raise their hands)



  • HEY THERE HO THERE lets talk about privilege.
  • On the weekends of April 8th and April 15th we will be having day hikes to Flagstaff hut (of the Maine Huts and Trails). At Flagstaff trippers will have a facilitated discussion about issues of race, gender, social class, privilege, and inclusivity in outdoor spaces. YAY! If you want to lead one of these trips contact me (jvonehr@colby.edu). If you want to go on one of these trips check your email for sign ups.


  • In addition to dialogue trips we will be having an off campus conference at the Maine Lakes Resource Center where we will have activities, discussion, etc. all regarding these same issues of diversity and inclusivity in the outdoors. YEE HAW.
  • Contact Maddy Wendell (mwendell@colby.edu) if you want to help plan this day!



  • Gear
    • currently recovering from spring break hence the messy office
    • return your gear from spring break
  • Trips
    • The Leader Training Trip will be on Friday April 21st – Sunday April 23rd
    • Sign up if you want to become a leader
    • Also, sign up if you want to shadow to become a leader trainer
  • Cabin Sugaring
    • sap is being collected
    • boiling will be happening soon
    • email Ryan (rclemens@colby.edu) if you want to get involved
  • Events/ Community Outreach
    • This Friday snowboarder Kevin Pearce will be coming to Colby to talk about his experience in dealing with a life changing traumatic brain injury 8pm in Ostrove (and it’s a wellness credit).
    • On Thursday, April 20th come to the COC office to have s’mores with admitted students
    • On Friday, April 21st the L.L. Bean Bootmobile will be here!!!
    • Volunteer with the COC for Colby Cares Day (April 22nd) from 9-12
  • Whittling
    • whittling is effectively canceled unless people show up



  • It’s almost the end of the year which means elections for positions in the COC are coming up!
  • Platforms for co-presidents (must be rising senior) are due by 7:00pm on April 9th
  • Platforms for secretary (can be half year position) and treasurer (at least rising junior and up, must be here for the full year) will be due on April 16th by 7:00pm
  • Platforms for Bigelow Buddies will be due on April 23rd by 7:00pm
  • email coc@colby.edu if you have any questions


HOT SEAT ANSWERS (Martin edition): times new roman, bern—oh can i chose both ok maple syrup, davis, 802, marijuana??, bobs, crunchy, i didn’t, it fits with the aesthetic, four


OKAY ALRIGHT, BIG BLUE MOON, APRIL IS CRAY. There is so much stuff going on this April so be on the look out for emails. Lastly, I know that school is ramping up right now and finals (and graduation *ahhh*) are looming. But don’t forget to take some time to catch your breath, get outdoors, and send it. Your brain will thank you later.

With love,