Today we were joined by a very special guest, a relic of COC days of yore, who descended upon our meeting from the realm of adultdom to tell us that, yes, life goeth on after college. I’m talking about Sara LoTemplio ya nerds…last year’s co-president and the outing club’s once and future queen. Thanks for visiting ya troll. ANY WHO, here be the minutes:


Here’s what happened:

  • People went to Sugarloaf to ski and listen reggae music. Hint hint ’twas Reggaefest.
  • Abby went outside and hit Lisa twice (translation: Abby and Lisa were skiing and ran into each other).
  • On Saturday Julia and Sam led a dialogue hike to Flagstaff hut, there was good food, good trippers, and good discussion about hypermasculinity in the outdoor liberal elite.
  • On Sunday Maddy and Anna led a dialogue hike to Flagstaff hut, I’m going to assume there was good food, I’m going to assume there were good trippers, and I’m going to assume there was good discussion (basically y’all gotta come to the meeting and talk about your trip).
  • On Sunday Keller and Lilli and co. went on a hike. They ran into, or rather drove into, some trouble…


… but after some skillful driving from Keller they were off again with no further problems. Woot woot!


What’s gonna happen:

  • Soren wants to lead a hike up Saddleback! Speaking of backs, everyone needs to pat Soren on the back for being rad and leading so so so so so so many hikes.
  • There will be two dialogue trips this weekend. One led by the dynamic duo Sam and Ana, and one led by the static duo Logan and Amy.
  • Logan wants to get sendy in a canoe, and hopefully someone else does too!
  • Roll clinics are still Mondays from 7-9 & there will be a RAD beginner paddling trip before the end of the year!
  • …also get yer running shoes out and yer legs ready for some mud because it’s almost trail running season KIDDOS
  • The Bootmobile will be here on Friday, April 14th yeehaw!


Poll! We forgot to do a poll so I’m making one up off the top of my head right now.

  • Who is a better sexcretary (Sam or Julia)?
    • Sam: 0
    • Julia: 0
    • Gunther the plastic penguin that lives in the gear closet: 7.5 billion


COMMITTEE COMRADES (I’ve just made an executive decision to change the name of our Bigelow Buddies):

  • Gear:
  • Trips:
    • The Leader Training Trip (LTT) will be LIT. It’s on April 21st-23rd and ya gotta do it to become a leader.
  • Sugaring:
    • It looks like sugaring committee is going to have 4 to 5 gallons of delicious syrupy goodness. Yum.
  • Events:
    • Eat s’mores with admitted students (April 20th)
    • Sign up to work at Colby Cares Day (April 22nd)
    • Peep yo emails because we’re gonna be having a photo contest.


MLRC (Maddy Loves wRiting Curriculum…)

  • …but not alone. If you want to help come up with the curriculum/ agenda/ activities for our diversity and inclusion retreat on April 22nd to the Maine Lakes Resource Center contact Maddy Wendell (


In case you live under a rock you probably noticed that Maine finally remembered that April is when spring happens. So take off your shoes and get out your shorts, your hammocks, your slack lines, your frisbees, your bikes, and go sit on Miller lawn procrastinating like the rest of us.

peace n luv n vitamin d,