Ok. Please don’t freak out…but we are more than halfway through April. That means we have a couple short weeks of very busy *official* outdoors shenanigans left.


Before today’s meeting:

  • Sam and Ana led a COC dialogue trip to Flagstaff hut. They reported good dialogue and some blood.
  • Soren, Max, and others went up Saddleback. It was both “awesome” and “legitimately awesome”. There was also some nudity.
  • Soren also went up Mount Megunticook with his Aunt and cousin. There was significantly less nudity.
  • Amy and Logan led yet another dialogue hike. In addition to good dialogue Logan got to see the Bigelows from another amazing, and equally beautiful, angle.
  • Kaitlin went on a hike to a place that was in NO WAY aptly called The Mountain. There was NO summit and NO views. She also went to the COC cabin and reported that there is still some ice on the lake but the majority is water. (cue Lisa urging everyone to go swimming in freezing cold water).
  • Logan and the Woodspeople went canoe practicing on the Messalonskee stream.
  • Chris and the crew team had a regatta (which is a pretentious word for boat races). The days events were as such: hop on a bus and sit, hop in a boat and sit whilst rowing, hop on a bus again and sit.
  • Caroline and myself went to Bowdoin and played two games of frisbee, we lost both games, but played well and had fun, and that’s all the matters…right?!? (pls affirm me, I don’t like losing).
  • Speaking of discs, Samwise and Scoot played disc golf. They hit two windows and had two people curse them out. Not bad!
  • Lastly, an LL bean boot shaped vehicle came to campus on Friday afternoon. You know, in case you forgot what LL Bean boots look like.


After today’s meeting:

  • Spencer and Logan have senioritis and want to get outside during the week…hit them up for adventures!
  • We need leaders to lead hikes for the MLRC event this Saturday. Hit up Hannah Bossi or Maddy Wendell for more info.
  • Kayaking clinics are still going on 7-9 on Mondays in the pool in the AC. (even though the Linehan family won’t be there it should be fun)
  • There will be whittling on Wednesday!


Democracy – The Saga Continues: 

  • Platforms for Bigelow Buddy positions will be due next week. These positions include:
    • Trips Facilitation Committee
    • Gear Committee
    • Events and Community Outreach
    • Sugaring Committee
    • Cabin
  • We are also adding another level of leadership roles, these jobs will be a step lower than a committee position in terms of responsibility and we are calling them Camden Comrades. Peep your emails this week for more info.



  • Gear:
    • This Tuesday there will be a whisperlite repair clinic.
  • Trips:
    • There will be office hours tomorrow night
    • LTT is this weekend (probably)
  • Sugaring:
    • This past Thursday Spencer, Martin and other boiled sap
    • The sap is being refrigerated right now
  • Events:
    • On Thursday from 10- midnight the COC will be having s’mores with admitted students! Come eat gooey campfire goodness and get some prospective students stoked about the COC.


Because I am feeling uninspired about my ability to write a blurb for the ending of these minutes I will leave you with this weird cliff hanger of a final sentence.

– Julia