And so (almost) concludes the 2016-2017 Outdoor Tomfoolery…

What we did:

  • Lisa, Michael, and the Wolfpack went kayaking, and the Wolfdog himself said it was rad, so you know it was rad
  • The Bossi duo slept overnight on Runnals and successfully avoided moisture while also befriending the alarm clock/dog named Rudy
  • On Saturday, people journeyed to the Climate March in Augusta and marched against climate
  • A crew led by Max and Soren and driven by a daring Logan ascended both Crockers on snowshoes – a nude moose was spotted
  • Martin carried sap across campus and Roxanne subsequently approved of the resulting syrup
  • Maddy and Amy led a spring break reunion trip to Round Top
  • A whole slew of folks got WFA certified with an unidentified instructor!
  • Park and associates went swimming at the Hume Center and is planning a sequel for Wednesday
  • Sam and Logan led a trip to Tumbledown, and were blessed with blood sweat and nudity
  • Katie led her grand ‘rents on a walk along the Kennebec, no one fell in
  • Lilli mocked (hammocked for the uninformed) in the arb and encountered scary frogs
  • Soren went to Popham Beach on a field trip and watched ospreys eat seals
  • Spencer skied in Tuckerman’s Ravine with Collette and her parents, mucho snow was present

What we will do:

  • STUDY for ya finals since there aren’t official trips during reading period
  • Let the ever faithfuls know if we’re heading outside because who wants to study
  • Kayak clinics this Monday (5/1) from 7-9!


  • They’re in
  • They’re awesome
  • Come sign the one in the office if you haven’t
  • Sign up for tabling HERE since we’re selling them for $10 in the spa

End-of-Year Cabin Shindig!

  • Sunday from 4-7 PM
  • Both meat and faux-meat will be present
  • Canoeing! Awards! Fun for all!
    • Nominate people for awards at because people did awesome things this year!


  • Community Outreach:
    • Congrats to next year’s head Nat!
  • Events:
    • Hooray to Brittany who will head events next year!
    • CCAK BBQ is this Friday from 11 AM to 1 PM
      • Fun team building! Free food! Free T Shirts!
      • Sign up HERE
    • Congrats to our photo contest winners!
      • Julia von Ehr, Katie Nicolaou, and Sam Wells took home gold, silver, and bronze for their rad pictures
  • Gear:
    • Congrats to Michael Stone and Katie Kelley as next year’s gear heads!
    • Also bring your gear back unless you wanna pay for it!
  • Sugaring:
    • Yay Martin, headin up Sugaring next year!
    • Boiling is DONE and we have three gallons of syrup!
    • It’s delicious
  • Cabin:
    • Yippee new head Kaitlin!
  • Trips:
    • New platforms are in! Look at em HERE
    • Also update your leader profile or email Brittany to get one if you took WFA!

Hot Seats!

  • Caroline
    • Otter, carrot, bobs, mudd 2nd floor, hannah’s the prettiest, hannah’s the mommest, maine, hannah’s the bossiest in k-council, washington, spoon, oak, thunderstorms
  • Keller
    • 0.7 mm, fold, toes not cold, tevos are better, minny, 7 up, maybe in minny, plastic things, def in minny, asparagus, broccoli, this ugly couch, idk no fruit in minny
  • Tom
    • Garamond, word, jellyfish, 3 miles, nephew of joe biden, dead body in runnals, invertebrates, hand in a blender, bigelows, all mtns are pretty great


And that just about does it for official Outing Club shenanigans this year, sadly.  But there’s plenty of outdoors to enjoy anyway, get out there and get tan / freckled / burnt!  See y’all next year, and you seniors better come back to visit!


Con mucho amor