Uh hello, yes, is this thing on? Can you – can you hear me? Ok good….WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME TO THE ONE HUNDRED AND THIRD ANNUAL OUTING CLUB GAMES. This here blog page will be updated once a week with accounts of shenanigans past, present, and future. So without further ado…the minutes:


Before we dive right in to this weekend’s trips a few events occurred at the meeting that must be addressed:

  2. as a follow up to that, for those that couldn’t make it, we have a meeting every Sunday at 7:00 and they usually last only 30 minutes but stay in our hearts forever and ever
  3. Today my phone flew off the top of a car on I-95 (don’t ask) on my way back from UMaine and I thought it was lost forever, BUT THEN my friends got it off the side of the freakin’ highway and returned it to me during the meeting (for those that need a visual, imagine me jumping up and making pterodactyl screeches as a crowd confusedly applauded) AND IT TOTALLY WORKS AND THE SCREEN DIDN’T BREAK (more pterodactyl screeches). I’d like to thank our apple overlords (sry android peeps, nothing against ya) on this blessed day.


Alrighty, here’s what we done did in the neature this week:

  • Dean and others went to Katahdin this weekend. They reported blood, sweat, tears, and nudity. That’s the whole enchilada, way to start off strong doods.
  • Anna, Sam, and Paula went to New Hampshire and did trail work in the White Mountains. They put rocks in holes. (PSA if you’re ever hiking and see volunteers doing trail maintenance you should say thank you and swear your firstborn child to them…okay maybe just the first part).
  • Ian and others camped on Allen Island…….FOR SCIENCE.
  • Max, Soren, and Caroline went geocaching in the arb and only geo’d some of the caches. I award them an E for effort.
  • Abby took a “chill, awesome walk” it was gorgeous and “good for breathing your mind…I mean mind breathing”
  • Lucie went on the “butt rock night stroll” which, after much conferring with linguists and anthropologists, I’ve come to translate as the Mount Phillip night hike that went out on Thursday.
  • Lucie, Dominick, HB, Julia (moi), and others went to Blueberry Mountain which was rated a 10/10 trip for a scenic drive, good views, swimming hole, and baked goods. The rating bumped up to 12/10 because we ran into a 6 month old chocolate lab named Ruby. She’s the cutest pupper in all the land (sry I don’t make the rules).
  • Lilly, Chloe, and Brittany went to Mount Moriah and got lost, but then they ran into a Tufts group that was also lost and a lord of the flies like scenario played out. Kidding, they got unlost and beat the Tufts group up and down (HA!). Brittany ate a giant pickle on the summit, the only thing I have to say to that is…are you okay?
  • Sam and Lilli went to French Mountain on Saturday morning and then got Purple Cow (a diner) I applaud them for starting the year off strong by going straight to the giant pancakes.
  • Michael, Hannah, and others went to French Mountain (in the night time) and stared at the stars for an hour and a half. The stars stared back.
  • Jared was on a run and saw a snake and got scared and jumped in a puddle. I 10/10 would have done the same thing, snakes are scary. Where are your legs you dumb twerking lizard?
  • Lilly jumped out of a PLANE. She physically could not stop herself from smiling for hours after she plummeted through the sky at 120mph. (PS she had a parachute).


Here’s what we gon do in neature next week:

  • Kayak Clinics will commence on Thursday!
  • Hannah and Sam plus Fini and Michael will be leading two Katahdin trips this weekend (the lottery for this trip was already sent out!)
  • Nat and Max want to do an easy hike somewhere and then go to the Common Ground Fair.
  • Soren wants to lead a trip to the Bigelows (*swoon*) on Saturday.
  • Soren wants to lead a trip to Sugarloaf and Spaulding up the AT.
  • Additionally, Soren needs do find time to do his homework.



  • It’s that time of year again folks.
  • Leader training season.
  • Ahhhhh.
  • This is a mandatory step to becoming a COC leader.
  • The trip will be on the weekend from October 7th-9th


Fall Break:

  • Fall break will be from October 14th-17th! We try to lead 2-3 longer four day trips (like backpacking or canoeing).
  • Leaders that want to lead for fall break need to contact K-Council A$AP.
  • If you’d like to go on a trip, there will be more info coming out soon!


Next week after our COC meeting:

  • Leader training in micro aggressions/ speaking to privileges / being a good human bean
  • Mandatory for leaders but open to ANYONE



  • Gear
    • GEAR WAIVER (this is a google form that was sent out to outing last week)
    • Someone will always be in the office M-T from 7-8 and Fridays 3-4.
    • If you can’t make those times please email us to schedule a time!
  • Events
    • Tuesday night there will be an informal Movie night at 7:30 with popcorn
    • Whittling Wednesdays every Wednesday 7-8…on Wednesdays
    • If you have something you are excited about and want to plan an event or lead a clinic or do a clinic come talk to K-Council or Events Committee

I’m a little rusty on my sign off blurbs so I’m just going to type a stream of consciousness until I decide I’ve written enough. The tea that I am drinking right now is really good. I put a little bit of milk in it. Milk is kinda like cheese. I love cheese. Cheese is the only goodness in this world. Sorry, that was dark. Cheese and dogs are the only goodness in the world. But don’t give cheese to your dog, that seems like a bad idea. Now I miss my dog. Darn. Okay I think I’m gonna stop typing now because I am running out of thoughts. My brain is rapidly emptying. Adieu my friends, adieu.

– Julia