If you’re in the mood for hours, I can’t help you.  If you want seconds, go elsewhere.  But… WE GOT MINUTES so feast your eyes on this glorious semi coherent heap of words (courtesy of ya boi soren this week):


here’s all the fun jazz we done diddly did:

  • Keenan went to Albany (hometown of the famous Keenan) for geology and looked at fossils and swam underwater to a CAVE
  • Davis and co. hiked Katahdin, and everything went according to plan with 0 hiccups and 0 flat tires, also there was blood sweat and tears yay! jk flat tires were had and Brittany and Chloe saved the day and rescued our valiant hikers
  • Lilly biked to the Common Ground Fair and met a thru biker named “thumbs” 
  • Hannah hiked Round Top w Max and Ana and also Max knows every word to hips don’t lie
  • Michaela found a beaver dam in the arb (site of dragonfly exoskeletons)
  • Dominic went fly fishing in Moosehead lake (no fishes were caught)
  • Caroline and Julia went to Mt. Philip and ran into underwear models (!!!!) sweat, lots of nudity ensued
  • There was a W1 field trip to Stratton Brook Hut yay
  • Chloe went to Acadia with the Bossi clan and hiked the Precipice and walked around Jordan Pond and then rescued the Katahdin Krew
  • Max and Soren and Austin went up sugarloaf and spaulding it was fun, there was blood sweat and LOTS of nudity
  • Eric hiked French Mountain and it was normal mostly
  • Taryn hiked the Bigelows with Soren and co and there was blood and sweat and NUDITY again (where there is soren there is nudity)


Here’s what we gon’ do

  • Sam wants to lead a night hike after whittling with Nat
  • Eric would lead a trip to Early Bird with a bit o hiking too
  • Lilli wants to lead a Friday trip to Reid State Park
  • Michaela wants to explore the Arb during some afternoons (not as an official trip)


LTT (Leader Training Trip) yay

  • Leaders will be trained on October 6 7 and 8
  • Notifications will be sent soon we promise, and sign ups are closed
  • No outdoor experience necessary to become a leader!
  • None!
  • Zero!
  • There’s gonna be a second LTT in November for all y’all that missed this one


Fall Break

  • Fall Break is Oct. 14-17th!  We lead generally longer trips during this time and they’re all super fun
  • Trip leaders wanting to lead a fall break trip should have descriptions in by Friday
  • Trip descriptions go out this coming Sunday, sign ups are lottery style
  • Sign ups close next Thursday



  • Ed Webster is coming to Colby!
  • Thursday at 7 pm in Olin 1!
  • He ascended without sherpas and oxygen and radios!
  • Office hours are moved up an hour from 6-7 M


NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School)  Film

  • October 4th!
  • There will be a bunch o short outdoor films
  • A NOLS rep (Derek) will be there givin out stickers and swag
  • Come watch movies with us in Ostrove in Diamond!


  • Gear
    • Bring yo gear back pls
  • Cabin
    • We’re workin with PPD in October to redo the floors
  • Events
    • Game night on Tuesday, 7:30
    • Coincidentally my office hours yay
    • Whittling Wednesdays from 7-8!
  • Sugaring
    • To join sugaring talk to / email Martin Deutsch!
    • There will be a meeting next week!
  • Conservation comrades
    • Help clean up Maine’s trails!
    • Take trash from trails and put it in a communal garbage can here in the COC!

Also lastly there was an awesome microaggressions training following last night’s meeting that was mandatory for all leaders / leaders in training so if you couldn’t attend then please email me or K-Council or the Diversity & Inclusion Comrades and we’ll work something out.  Thx yall


And that’s that!  Aren’t we a productive bunch

Also it’s warm out guys take advantage while you can before the snow monsters set in on colby and you can’t feel your face for weeks at a time and rime ice starts to form on your nose and the line for hypothermia treatment extends out of Garrison Foster.  So get outside peeps!

Until next time amigos,

– soren