hey y’all here’s some minutes, fresh out of the oven!  just like momma used to make


stuff we done did

  • Michael Kramer hiked to Early Bird and dipped in the Messalonskee, “very refreshing”
  • Jared, Soren (that’s me) and Anna went through the Natch and stayed at Speck Pond, “cold”
  • Max, Soren, and trippers went to The Mountain, “maybe found the summit”
  • Keenan went to Prout’s Neck for a field trip, wants to lead coastal hikes in the future
  • Grace and Taryn and ppl tried to go surfing, but the roof rack malfunctioned to much dismay, then went to Popham beach anyway which was fun
  • Mo and Anna Ramsey accidentally ran a half marathon (!)
  • Sam Wells went up Sugarloaf and Spaulding and Abraham with Katie
  • Michael Stone used the slack line!
  • Keller led a trip to Philip with Ana and ASA, Phil Collins prompted some tears
  • Soren napped in a particularly grassy spot in the arb
  • Sam went up Philip on Wednesday, it was dark and they barely got lost
  • Hannah went up Philip, saw 11 yr old Logan (dog)

stuff we gon do

  • Soren wants to go to French Mtn and cook all the leftover food in the office
  • Michael Stone will have kayak klinics! at pool 7:30 – 9:30 Thursday
  • SPACECOC! November 2nd (a Thursday), there will be a trip to the cabin with telescopes!


  • next weekend!
  • leader training trip!
  • mandatory if you want to lead fun trips! and boring trips too!
  • second one in november, 1st weekend, or maybe not
  • learn stuff!
  • priority for first years in november

Demo day

  • Friday 4-7 on Dana Lawn!
  • We’ll be demoing gear, also knot tying and cooking maybe
  • A nice wholesome learning experience
  • Volunteers needed! And you don’t need to be a leader!

Fall Fest

  • The very next day!
  • Run by SPB, a big ol festival of fall
  • Whittling maybe?
  • Volunteers also needed
  • Ice cream churner will be present!

Fall Break Trips

  • Descriptions going out tonight! (10/1)
  • Lottery-style sign ups, with rank choice
  • Results by Thursday (10/5)
  • CMC also sending out two trips simultaneously

Arb Hikes

  • This Saturday, 11-1:30
  • Combined with the Pugh Center
  • Beginner arboretum walks and subsequent BBQ
  • Get to know ppl!
  • We need leaders! let us know pls

NOLS film

  • Wednesday 6:30-9 PM!
  • NOLS = national outdoors leadership school ft. derek
  • stickers!
  • whole slew of short films
  • thusly no whittling ( 🙁 )
  • office hours?? maybe


  • sugaring
    • meeting after this meeting!
  • trips
    • leaders-in-training, get ya shadows in
    • shadows are a good / easy way to learn
  • events
    • iplay soccer!
    • rec / intramural soccer
    • email kaitlin / brittany if you want in!

hot seat!!!

  • Austin Joseph Lee
    • trunks
    • some bathroom
    • crumple
    • didgeri doo
    • curduroy
    • slick
    • sophie joffrey
    • lolcakes9
    • bob dylan

That’s all folks!  Congrats on another productive week of adventure and such.  also fall is HERE right now and it’s pretty so go out and stare at some dying leaves!


– soren