Dear friends, enemies, frenimes, and enemends,

Today we mourn the loss of our good friend Caspian. For those of you who didn’t know Caspian, he was a beautiful blue Subaru Forester. Caspian was born and raised in Virginia but he braved the harsh Maine winters time and time again to transport students on many a COC hike. If Caspian were here today he would tell us to continue going on outing trips without him, so we can continue to brave the wilderness and pursue the things we love. Because after all – love, is what makes a Subaru, a Subaru. 


We went OUTSIDE and it was RAD and here’s some notes about it:

  • On Thursday Soren and Max led a trip up Mont Français to watch the harvest moon and eat macaroni. What a wholesome trip. 5/5 barks.
  • Jared went outside with the Pugh Center and some members of the COC. They went on walks in the arb that were deemed “great” and “beautiful”
  • Anna Van Dresser (full names cuz at least two Annas – but probably more –  went outside this weekend) went to Acadia and hiked some mountains. She didn’t tell us which ones because she couldn’t remember their names. There were apparently many many people there because the Sierra Club was celebrating being old or something.
  • Kaitlin went to a different fall fest in Freeport that was – allegedly – bigger and better (but were there poopy bunnies? huh? didn’t think so).
  • Kaitlin also had a herpetology (a smart people word for studying reptiles and amphibians) lab and helped save an endangered species of salamander. NEATO.
  • Evan went on a nice bike ride to a *nice* place called Belfast to see the super /nice/ ocean. (disclaimer: Evan did not ride his bike into the ocean). It was a nice day!
  • Grace picked apples at the apple farm, now her room is full of apples and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Hannah went to the observatory with the Space Club (#spacecoc) and looked at the moon through her eyes and also three telescopes (all at once? unclear).
  • Lilly ran up Sugarloaf (me oh my that is impressive). It was rainy and cold, but fun!…kind of. I give it a rating of type II fun on the fun scale.
  • Chris and others went on the Leader Training Trip with Sam and Anna (Caughron). They hiked up Mount Blue in the rain AND this is where Caspian, our trusty Subaru, died. I guess when it rains it pours (see what I did there?) But there were also good things like something involving nudity and fireworks???? and also the Bossi Van valiantly coming to rescue our stranded leaders and soon to be leaders.


Da future:

Next week is fall break so all our trips are set and ready to go, but we got some ideas for after break, here’s a sneak peak:

  • Kaitlin wants to hike Old Speck
  • Soren wants to hike his arch nemesis, Mount Redington
  • There was a wildfire in the Whites and Anna (Van Dresser) wants to go see it with her own two eyeballs.


Whittling Wednesdays:

  • Wednesdays will be whittled this week
  • Kaitlin’s first wood guy fell through and then her Minnesota wood guy fell through (or maybe they’re the same guy? idk) so there will not be any new wood but it will still be FUN
  • also @Kaitlin ur vague ramblings about shifty guys bringing you wood have me intrigued


Kayak Clinics from 7:30-9:30 on Thursday in the pool:

  • there will be kayak clinics from 7:30 to 9:30 on Thursday in the pool.


How Do You Outside?™

Blurbity blurb: “This is a new campaign to engage the Colby community with the Outing Club as a way to encourage students to tell us their stories and what they love and appreciate about the outdoors. We hope to inspire more students to find things they enjoy about being outside such as stargazing, watching birds, walking in the arboretum, sledding, canoeing, etc.”

  • come put post it notes on our wall and Soren’s face about the things YOU love about the outdoors
  • we’re gonna do lots of other stuff but people were talking all at once in the meeting and I could not figure out what to type


Spring Break:

wut? we’re talking about spring break trips in the fall? YUP. CUZ WE’RE PLANNERS. and we like to know what we are doing at least 4 to 5 months in advance.

  • Leaders that want to lead spring break trips…It’s time to get those gears turning and thinking about your WWWWWZ (who, what, where, when, why, zebra) because we want to have everything set before the end of the semester
  • An email will be going out with specifics but here’s your timeline:
    • Trip proposals due the 2nd week of November
    • Sign ups around Thanksgiving time
    • Trippers finalized before winter break


Bigelow Buddies:

  • Trips:
    • We will be having another LTT the first weekend of November
    • The following weekend we will be hosting a WFA training (which is fully subsidized if you become a COC leader and partially subsidized for everyone else)!
  • Events:
    • The last weekend of October is parents weekend and we need leaders for a parents hike! It will be Sunday the 29th at 11am.
  • Gear:
    • bring your gear back you heathens
    • also there will be a form sent out this week with any gear needs y’all may have for fall break!
  • Cabin:
    • On the last week of October Kaitlin wants to redo the floors in the Cabin. It’s in need of a makeover!
    • Come help! Ryan will probably bring yummy food (Wolfdog, if you’re reading this, hi! and thanks! and hopefully you do bring food!)

You should probably get back to your midterms now. I know you may be stressed and anxious and maybe even feeling a little down. But remember everyone, even the smartest of us, have bad days. To prove my point here is an honest to goodness actual Charles Darwin quote:

“But I am very poorly today and very stupid and hate everybody and everything…I am going to write a little Book for Murray on orchids and today I hate them worse than everything.”

– Charles Darwin, the dude that figured out evolution


buh bye,