hey guys we got outside!  and we’re gonna get outside again!  wow!

here’s a fun summary, sans capitalization and most punctuation:

what we done did:

  • ian and henry and some people hiked up tumbledown, there were a few tears and 60% nudity due to swimming (up to you to decide percentages)
  • taryn and some folks went to old orchard beach, cleaned up some trash, then swam, it was cold
  • sam and folks climbed french mtn yesterday, there were bees (soren does not like bees)
  • grace and grace went rock climbing with maddy in acadia over fall break
  • grace (just one this time) went to mt. redington and there was a SUMMIT
    • attempt #4 for soren, but hey, who’s counting?
  • maddy and eliza and one tripper went up mt philips (phillips? phillip? felipe?)
  • kramer went and played disc golf
    • (hit soren up if you wanna play cause he wants friends / has discs)
  • katie and sam went to the whites for a good ol fashioned presi traverse, but a blizzard forced em down after 2 out of the 9 peaks, v fun
  • nat and michael kramer went to acadia, with 6 other people. it was super pretty and hiked the bubbles, and connor’s nubble for maximum rhyming.  t’was very introspective, they slept out under the stars, and saw the sunrise on cadillac on tuesday!
  • chris went to the white mountains (the bonds), has since forgotten most of the trip, but it was fun,
    • blood, sweat, tears, and nudity! 
  • anna and anna and anna and some others went to Attean Pond canoeing, also did some hiking, also slept in, lots of fun, came back when they said they would (@ every other fall break trip)
  • soren went for a run but then went for a tree climb when this was determined to be superior
  • taryn watched the meteor shower! anna caughron went to vermont to a prof farm and saw the same thing
  • ultimate happened yay

what we gon do

  • max would like to lead a trip to mt. philips on thursday, watch the sunset, michael kramer would like to go with!
  • soren and SJ are going to tumbledown saturday (probably)!

parents weekend hike

  • sunday @ 11 am, there will be a parent’s day hike going up mt. philips
  • leaves from the coc office, no sign ups necessary, just show up!
  • led by the bossi’s so you know it’s #lit

how do you outside?

  • you’ll get an email about it later just like with everything else
  • friday afternoon, 3-7? 2-5? we know not. afternoon 4 sure
  • on dana lawn and the pine tree area between the office and pulver
  • if anyone has a thing they’re excited about, then talk to nat, so we can feature it!
  • also we’ll fix the post its since they all fell down (sad)



  • unofficial movie night on thursday in the coc office, during office hours, THE LORAX possibly
  • not official, just a hang out, just a bunch of friends w snacks


  • WFA sign ups live! they’re necessary to be a leader
  • sign ups are first come first serve!
  • it’ll be the 11th and 12th of november, 9am to 5pm each day
  • it’s FREE
  • leader training trips! november 3rd to 5th!
  • sign ups are live, go dead wednesday at 8!
  • reminder email will go out of course since we love emails
  • no outdoor experience necessary for any of this


  • return ur fall break gear
  • new gear poll! help suggest what we buy!  find it here!
  • katie’s office hours moving from thursday to wednesday, hannah’s are still thursday though


  • maybe we’ll refinish the floors this weekend? if you wanna help, look out for an email


  • we washed buckets!
  • that is all


that’s all folks.  another fruitful couple of weeks during which a plethora of people got outside!  now quick go enjoy the leaves while you can before the branches turn as barren as my hope of finishing my homework at a reasonable hour tonight!  nature is pretty, gosh darn it!

thanks for tuning in,