ya it rained a ton and ya the leaves are all falling and ya it’s getting cold and ya schoolwork is slowly but surely crushing me like a hungry boa constrictor but WE GOT OUTSIDE ANYWAY cause adventure > academics*

anyway here’s some piping hot minutes to get you through these desperate times!


*actually do your homework kiddos


what we done did!

  • Grace went to Mt. Phillip/Philip/Phillips on saturday! so did Sam! ya!
  • Max walked through the arb and sat on a bench next to perkins brook
  • Hannah and Brittany led their parents through the arb and got just a tad lost
  • the Bossi’s also led the ‘rents hike to Mt. Phillips on sunday, all parents returned intact (this time)
  • Michael Stone raced at the Hume w/  Crew, also bates was there 🙁 there was food though!
  • Addie and her friends went to the arb, tried to climb a tree, but the tree wasn’t cooperative
  • Hannah went to the How Do You Outside event on friday
    • leaves were learned
    • human knot was unsuccessfully attempted
    • fun was had
    • more in the future! so stay tuned
  • SJ and Soren went up tumbledown, found a flotational tube and had a generally good time
  • Michael Stone held kayak clinics with wolfdog! and the wolfpups!
  • Kaitlin led a trip w/ Grace and Caroline and Henry to Mt. zirCON and it was pretty and the mountain was pretty too (blood, sweat, no nudity)
  • Anna lit fires! join the ever faithfuls to hear about this type of pyromania!
  • Kramer took his parents to the arb, they had a decent time


what we gon’ do

  • Addie wants to go outside, and she will, on the LTT!
  • Emma and Grace want to shadow!
  • Sam wants to get someone their co lead! or maybe SJ!
  • Michael Stone wants to play wiffleball – hmu if you have a wiffleball
  • send ur trips to me 


sprang break!

  • trip proposals are due the 9th of november
  • you gotta be a leader / alllmost a leader to lead
  • trip sign ups go live week after thanksgiving, after tabling and much emailing



  • 3 eyes or 1 eye??
  • 32 votes for 3!
  • 2 spiteful votes for 1



  • events
    • movie night tuesday! the lorax!
    • 7:00 PM
  • trips
    • 2nd fall LTT this weekend!
    • (leader training trip) ^^
    • if you wanna go on the next one talk to michael or max
    • WFA also happening!
    • (wilderness first aid) ^^
    • sign ups still open through sunday night!  [editors note – closed now]
    • fully subsidized! take our money!
  • gear
    • pls return ur gear
    • active gear poll! respond to that to have a say in what gear you want us to buy
    • new email address! coc-gear@colby.edu
    • very efficient
  • cabin
    • still standing
  • conservation
    • we have a trash can now!
    • put ur trash that you find on trails in it

keenan: “ah wsh bu eh”  – you heard it here first, folks

  • special note from the treasurer’s office:
    • if you want money back from trips led and reimbursement forms scare you like they scare me, talk to anna


hot seat

  • SJ edition!
  • red
  • i dont know
  • what is it
  • football
  • the gurrrrrr wait wait
  • earth
  • i dont know knots
  • brooks
  • trees
  • avocados
  • not joshua – sequoia
  • woodman basement, WITH CONVICTION

LASTLY if you don’t claim ur kayak in the coc office, we’re going to claim it for ourselves next week


yeah that’s all for this week.  check back next week for updates on our clubly shenanigans and escapades (and don’t forget to contribute to them yourself)

until next time amigos


fuzzy regards,


ya sexcretary