tally-ho, fellow outdoorspeople!  it has been brought to my attention that several of us have had the pleasure of experiencing the out-of-sides in the past week, and that several more wish to experience the world beyond our doors in the coming week.

in celebration of these joyous times, i would like to humbly present this week’s minutes:


max fixed the printer


what we don did

  • James went on the leader training trip to mt. blue state park, hiked mt. blue, learned some things, experienced some blood, tears, sweat, almost nudity, lots of people were there yay
  • Emma went to megunticook with Sam, went swimming, it was v cold
  • the crew team cleaned up the hume center with leaf blowers
    • the humes are super nice people, they have croque
  • Michaela walked in the arb late night, ran into a skunk, did not get skunked
    • her class took photos of foxes and fishers!
  • Max went to a risk management course in portland, and went outside to see a coast guard practice rescue, met Molly!
  • Chris and Dean and Taryn went up le franch mtn, took a wrong turn on way there and ran into some murdery cars. Dean and Chris did not get murdered, although Taryn is MIA. presume the worst.


what we gon do

  • Michael still wants to play wiffleball, and Sam found a wiffle ball! yay!
  • Julia and her conservation bio class will put up camera traps this weekend
    • OPEN SEASON for hunting so watch out, even in the arb
  • Sam wants to lead a trip on sunday, for a co lead / shadow
    • maybe Jared? stay tuned.
  • Soren wants to find the plane crash on mt abraham with Austin!


spring break!

  • get your proposals in 11/9! that’s thursday
  • if unsure about a co lead / location, talk to Max and/or Michael! they are matchmakers


poll – crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

  • smooth – 16 votes, minus james
  • crunchy – 18 votes, minus james
  • this was closer than it had any right to be, crunchy is far and away the superior nutty spread



  • trips
    • ltt happened!
    • update ur leader profile
    • talk to Michael and Max about future trips
    • WFA! anyone who filled out the form is on the WFA roster
  • gear
    • gear poll is still open, fill it out soon to have your voice heard
    • link will be in minutes
    • we got cool new gear! sleeping bags, day packs, head lamps (pink)
    • return ur gear
  • cabin
    • it is Kaitlin’s birthday
    • hooray
  • whittling
    • wednesdays
    • yes
  • conservation
    • trash can is there! filling up! it’s full of trash! but not regular trash!

and so concludes this week’s minutes, sadly.  there shall be more next week, fear not!

now go get outside